While the Isolation continues, let’s get you updated with 4 different Dapps you can play when bored and also some having the possibility of earning if you put more time into them.

Dapps are applications built on the blockchain which provides some sort of freedom as opposed to a centralized app and also creates certain incentives to make every use-case worth the while.

Dapps hope to solve the problem of restrictions to certain locations while also removing the power from a few but instead giving it to the many and all this is done without a third party agreement.

Bricks Battle

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Built on the EOS blockchain, Bricks Battle takes you back to the early years of gaming from a retro station which challenges you to make the right decision and understand the pattern on how to hit every box with a single shot. Unlike the retro game where it was based on fun alone, Bricks Battle offers a PVP match setting where players are able to battle each other and the best player to hit more boxes gets to keep the rewards.

The reward is in EOS and thus requires you to have some EOS before starting the game or you can join the free challenge option and challenge all with the hope of getting the highest score.

Getting Started

  • Download Bricks Battle from PlayStore
  • Download TokenPocket

TokenPocket is a multichain cryptocurrency wallet that gives access to more than 5 different blockchains and also acts as a Dapp browser to these blockchains

  • Create or import an EOS account via the available options provided
  • Launch Bricks Battle
  • On startup, click on TokenPocket and confirm the transaction to log in
  • Follow the on-screen tutorials to get customized with the keys
  • Battle your way to victory.

EOS Dynasty

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Probably one of the oldest Dapps available, EOS Dynasty as the name sounds is an EOS based game with an RPG setting that provides users with different types of equipment, items, and even mounts.

Over the years, it has grown from its previous stage to implementing different features which not only provides the fun-loving gameplay atmosphere but also the play to earn feature where players can earn daily, weekly or even monthly returns.

Unlike most games that solely depends on game items selling as the major source of generating revenue, EOS Dynasty also comes with a stake feature that allows holders of the token TKT to stake and get daily returns in EOS which is depended on the amount staked, rewards distributed is based on the amount of TKT one stakes.

Getting started

Like most EOS based games, EOS Dynasty requires an EOS account and this can be done via TP, download TokenPocket, import or create an EOS account.

  • Download EOS Dynasty https://eossanguo.one/#/home
  • Launch EOS Dynasty and click on TokenPocket to log in, confirm the transaction and follow the onscreen instructions to understand the key features of the game EOS Dynasty.


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Ever played the game burn-out? Well, this is somewhat similar but with the incentives to earn while playing and customizing your car.

Built on the EOS blockchain, EOSRACING is a car-based game that provides players different options to build the car of their dreams with the use of different types of customizable parts, are you all about speed? Or probably all-around kind of person, then log into EOSRACING and get your engines running.

EOS racing is a web-based game and as such does not require the installation of any application, to play, download TokenPocket, create an EOS account via the different options available.

From your EOS asset page, click on discover and locate the game section, click on EOSRACING and log in with your password. The best part about EOSRACING is that unlike other Dapps built on the EOS blockchain that needs one form of resource or the other, EOSRACING does not require any resources staked to get the game running.

Candy Pop Duel

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Last on the list for today is none other than Candy Pop Duel, if you are familiar with the popular mobile game called Candy crush then you are going to love the game Candy Pop Duel.

Built on the EOS blockchain it houses a PVP setting where players battle against each other with the idea of destroying as much candy as they could within the shortest time or before the timer runs out.

It is both fun and educative as it requires deep thinking to carefully detect the proper arrangement candies should go while taking consideration of the upcoming candy. Shaped in different sizes, players will have to make a proper arrangement to destroy candies on board and creating room for more to fit in.

Getting Started

  • Download TokenPocket wallet
  • Create or import an EOS account
  • Click on discover from the asset page
  • Locate Candy Pop Duel from the game section

As a new player, you get a free trial in the form of a tutorial which shows the necessary information before participating in a player vs player setting reward is in EOS or SLT depending on your choice.

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That is all for today, till some other time stay safe out there.

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