Hi guys and welcome to another beautiful Monday morning, the hype surrounding the crypto space is not done yet and records of new high keep coming up, as more projects keep diverting into the BSC network, it seems BNB is gradually taking steps towards the price range of ETH and one can only wonder how this might fair in the long run.

BNB continue to record massive surge in DApps utilizing it network, some offering similar use case like previous projects and others bringing something new and fresh into the ecosystem, but what they all offer are opportunities to earn…

It seems the crypto world never sleeps, just when you think you finally caught up with all happenings, something else springs up and also comes with juicy and interesting means of increasing your portfolio value.

The Huobi network is currently undergoing massive development and this is not limited to their exchange service but rather the entire Huobi blockchain (HECO), over the past couple of weeks we have seen several DApps coming up and all using the Huobi network or a cross-chain with others and I must say this sudden development is really good and also increases my believe of Huobi…

The weekend is upon us once again and the crypto market continues to stay bullish, many already tagged the month April as a bullish April with the possibility of new and old coins achieving new highs and while trading continues to be productive, it’s always a good idea to have another source or say a passive source of income that does not require extensive hours of thinking.

This is were MDEX comes into play

What is MDEX?

MDEX is a decentralized transaction protocol based on an automated market-making mechanism. It aims to integrate the distinct advantages of a variety of…

Hi guys and welcome to another lovely day, with the ever trending and newer developments of blockchain and cryptocurrency, we found ourselves in an exponential and geometrical growing rate and it is becoming somewhat hard or rather difficult to keep track of it all especially when the need to exchange one coin to another comes up.

Individuals now find themselves browsing through multiple exchange for that particular platform that supports their exchange pair but what if there was a mean you could directly exchange your coin to the desired output without actually leaving your wallet page?

Sounds cool right? Well…

Hi guys and welcome to another beautiful Monday, it’s another week to start afresh or maybe complete that pending project but whatever the case might be, I wish you the best of luck this week.

Some weeks back, Mobox launched an event program which allowed users to register their BSC address pending upon game launch and happy to say game launch is just around the corner and registered address have the chance to get picked for a lucky and limited edition NFT.

What is fun and interesting about the event is the use case each NFT serves in Mobox ecosystem…

Hi guys and welcome to another lovely day, it’s the month of April and the entire market is looking quite bullish with so many ongoing event taking place and one of such is the introduction of Pippi Shrimp Swap.

DEX is gradually becoming a norm in our every day life as it relates to blockchain and crypto but seeing new DEX come up in a not too popular blockchain is really great.

Heco chain is rather quite new, although not as popular as eth or bsc, they tend to offer a far cheaper fee when it comes to transaction process…

Hi guys and welcome to another lovely day and also another lovely month, the month of April began few hours back and Q2 of 2021 is already ongoing, with so much planned event to come, let’s quickly look at some ongoing event and also how to get started if you are yet to.

FinNexus is a cross chain DeFi protocol that allows users to easily swap across chains in a user friendly DApp

Built on Ethereum network, FinNexus has overtime ported from simply accepting and trading of Eth based tokens to a bigger ecosystem which now hovers around ETH, HECO…

Hi guys and welcome to another beautiful Monday morning, March is coming to an end and April just few hours from now

That said, it wouldn’t be all fun to leave you guys empty and thus I made several search to look for more options or Dex as we know them that allows holders of TPT to stake and while several already houses this, we are yet to see a single stake option that is after LavaSwap which exhausted theirs several days back.

TPT is the native token of the popular crypto based wallet called TokenPocket that allows users to…

Hi guys and welcome to another lovely week, the past couple of months has been really eventful and also life changing, from skyrocketing pumps to unrealistic APY and it seems the fun is just getting started

Over the past couple of weeks a lot of users searched for DeFi based platform that allowed single staking and also liquidity provision with high enough APY and while looking up this, many staked on platforms and probably unable to keep track of it all.

Today’s writeup is centered on a DApp that allows users to easily scan their public address to locate their…

Hi guys and welcome to another lovely day, the market has picked up once again and it’s really looking green as coins begin to see a new all-time high.

While the above continue to spread like wildfire across the crypto space, many continue to fill their bags with a promising project which they consider undervalue based on the recent change happening around us and one of such coin is 1inch.

1inch is the native token for the popular Dex called 1inch.exchange, some months back they introduced their token into existence and gave out a certain percentage to users who have…

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