AMA with Marcus from Organix on what to expect from the launch of Organix Protocol

Incase you missed this a while back about Organix

Good morning and welcome to another lovely day, the market is looking green and Defi is currently the talk on everyone lips, here today is the AMA recap with Marcus from Organix.

So, to better understand what Organix is all about, Marcus from Organix agreed to host an AMA section which was held on AUG 15th, 2020, 1 A.M (SGT) and this is the recap

You can get the original AMA tweet from this link

Starting the AMA section, Marcus gave us a brief understanding of what Organix is and what they hoped to achieve

Organix is a decentralized synthetic asset issuance and trading protocol based on EOS, which can mint synths like fiat currencies, commodities, cryptocurrencies, inverse cryptocurrencies, and cryptocurrency indexes through staking OGX as the collateral.

and there will be an OGX token for the Organix

OGX is the basic token on Organix protocol, which can be used as collateral to mint OUSD. OUSD is the stable coin in the whole system, the system always values 1 OUSD at 1 USD. Assets can be exchanged with OUSD on the synthetic exchange of Organix system through prices supplied by an oracle, included but not limited to fiat currencies, commodities, cryptocurrencies, and their inverse assets.

The AMA soon kick off with the questions below

  • 1st question is from @Lolia01 why OGX and token pocket prefers to join the eos platform, why not erc20, or trc and others what is the reason
  • Q3 from @rigututomo How much is the minimum purchase for private sale?
  • Q4 from @rigututomo To do a swap from eos to ogx, how many eos is minimal
  • Q5 from @Emmyluv768 What is the future of the coin. What I mean is that in time of invest and how individuals can position themselves for the future
  • as collateral to stake and mint tokens
  • the voucher to get rewards
  • DAO token
  • Q6 from @Tobi O’Brien Is Organix protocol similar to maker dao or it is more comparable with synthetix on ethereum?
  • Q7 from @대정 VMG
    Who is your Targeted User Base? On which type of Users & industry you’re mainly Targeting?
  • Q8 from @동율
    What are the major milestones $OGX achieved so far & what are in future pipeline?
  • Q9 Tobi O’Brien, Will the project start decentralized or centralized with plans for further decentralization? Is ogx the government token?
  • Q10 from @Ima-Abasi Pius
    Should the Organix community expect any major partnership deal in the nearest future?
  • Q11 from @Tobi O’Brien
    Question: Who is going to hold the keys to the smart contract?
  • Q12 from @대현 || CNS
    what are your plans to educate and raise awareness and adoption among the community to make more people understand #OGX Protocol and its technology?
  • whitepaper
  • tutorials
  • youtube, medium, twitter
  • Q13 from @Tobi O’Brien
    In the future will it be possible to mint synthesis?
  • Q14 from @Tobi O’Brien
    Do you plan to list on cex like binance
  • Q15 from @Tobi O’Brien
    Do you have legal team? Can we be sure that the SEC wont deem ogx security and freeze our tokens and assets?
  • Q16 from @Ima-Abasi Pius
    Is the team’s plan to launch Mainnet in early November still feasible?
  • Q17 from @Scarlet What gap in the Blockchain is this project aimed to fill? What makes it different from all others we’ve seen in the past?
  • Q18 from @Tobi O’Brien
    Question: Is there audit made on the smart contract?
  • Q19 from @Tobi O’Brien
    When we will be able to trade the token? After mainnet launch?
  • Q20 from @FUJI | Emerald
    when distribution and where
  • Q 21 @Tobi O’Brien
    Which community are you aiming to attract? Chinese? Korean? American? Or all
  • Q22 from @Ima-Abasi Pius
    The African community is far behind in the aspect of blockchain adoption.
    Does Organix have any plan towards this?
  • If YES
    What are those plans?
  • Q23 from @Tobi O’Brien
    How big is your team?

To that, the AMA ended and all questions were answered.

If you would love to learn more about the project then follow the channels bellow



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