An interesting Blockchain DApps Test and Digest

Hi guys and welcome to another lovely day. The crypto market is still undergoing its correction and altcoins are starting to feel the heat as many are seeing new lows after many months of climbing and others are just experiencing little to no change. With that said, many believe that all coins/tokens are gems in their own way with the fact that they have a good community and utility backing them.

Speaking about community have you heard about Tweebaa?

Yes, many investors will likely look at a coin’s total supply, current circulation, and a yearly chart to see how the token is performing without doing proper fundamental analysis, looking at the coin webpage and seeing if it has a working product or not. This is probably due to the fact that their mindset is totally wired on doubling their income and nothing more. I am pretty sure, however, if a proper analysis was done on projects like Tweebaa, such investors would probably opt-in for the long term rather than a pump or dump.

Tweebaa’s concept sounds too general and idealistic?

Looking at Tweebaa’s website, you will discover that they identify themselves as a multi-dimensional value-exchanging social platform. They provide tools that enable average individuals to productize their innovative ideas or skills. Its exchanging engine allows users to earn whether they are a contributor to the social community, a seller, an influencer or an entrepreneur.

After using Tweebaa’s application, I discovered that this is an application where users are able to create posts based on their daily lifestyles, work ethics, and other areas as well. It also encompasses the idea of work by acting as a commerce platform, meaning users are able to earn by referring a desired product from the showroom. I can also sell both physical and digital products on Tweebaa. For example, I can sell my used laptop as a physical product and I can also offer a course in cooking as a digital product. (Here are examples of some helpful products that can incorporated)

Tweebaa is among the top if not the 1st platform to provide such services. While socializing on a decentralized platform is not all that new, conducting commerce on such a platform is a totally new concept for the world to fully explore.

I can see the potential of how Tweebaa’s platform can encourage many gifted people to fully display their talents and share them with the world even for reasons beyond financial gain. For example, many people really want to help and educate others to make the world a better place. Tweebaa, as a whole, is based on your ability to perform in-app actions like creating of post/contents, engaging with other users, and just socializing as you would in any centralized platform. The concept is simply remarkable and gives power to the hands of the masses allowing anyone to accumulate earnings without ever having to invest thousands or millions of dollars to achieve their goals and happiness!

While the majority of its users are currently based in Asia registration is open to the entire world. Joining is as easy as “ABC”. All you need is a phone number and, boom you are in!

After setting up your avatar, you can create an introduction post telling others about you, and then interact with fellow users, earn, and most of all, have fun!

While the economy and the financial aspects in life are important, being a human first is far more important. We believe that socializing with others is the best way that we can truly stay human and represent humanity as a whole.



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