Ape Board available on TokenPocket

Hi guys and welcome to another lovely week, the past couple of months has been really eventful and also life changing, from skyrocketing pumps to unrealistic APY and it seems the fun is just getting started

Over the past couple of weeks a lot of users searched for DeFi based platform that allowed single staking and also liquidity provision with high enough APY and while looking up this, many staked on platforms and probably unable to keep track of it all.

Today’s writeup is centered on a DApp that allows users to easily scan their public address to locate their portfolio both staked and un-staked, it shows all noticeable assets present in the searched address and best part is that it supports both BSC and ETH blockchain.

Like the name says, Ape Board

Ape from my own understanding is a crypto term used by many crypto enthusiasts when they totally dive into a platform and most times no proper research is made on such projects, why would someone decide to do this?

Maybe a top influencer shilled it or a trusted platform with a good number of investors shilled a project and your guts totally tells you this project would do extremely well, instead of a proper research, you end up diving all in without a single thought, many refer to this term as APE-IN.

Ape Board sounds like a good enough name for this project base on its work and applications.

As we mentioned earlier, maybe you staked your asset in a good enough DeFi app offering mouth watering APY, Ape Board allows you to easily keep track of it all and also shows you the profit that has been accumulated, instead of manually checking up all DeFi to follow up on your mined profit, with a click of a button you can view it all from a single platform

Ape Board supports both BSC and Eth network and users can easily scan which ever network they see fit by simply pasting the public address in the required box and click scan.

Ape Board is available on TokenPocket wallet and to access you need to download TokenPocket app on your preferred device, be it Android or IOS directly from their various market place.

Upon download completion, click on Discover menu directly from your asset page and browsed down until the Ape Board DApp comes up, you can as well search via the provided search box on Ape Board and click on the result

Click on the DApp and allow the page to properly load depending on your internet speed

Navigate the provided option and follow the onscreen instructions

This is all for today and until some other time, stay safe.

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