Arbitrage Trading on TokenPocket

Arbitrage as defined by Investopedia

Arbitrage is the purchase and sale of an asset in order to profit from a difference in the asset’s price between markets.

This can be related to digital and none digital items with the goal been profit making while taking advantage of market differences.

With the current state of cryptocurrency (bitcoin and alternate coins alike), a sense of unstability can be observed with some users panicking and selling while others buy at a good enough price. A sense of price difference can be seen across different exchange and TokenPocket being a Dapp browser, exchange, and also a cryptocurrency wallet, one can easily partake in what we defined as Arbitrage trading.

TokenPocket launched their exchange TP exchange few weeks back which offers 0.095% trading fee, easy registration, and one of the best liquidity available.

TokenPocket being a Dapp browser allows its users to access Dex exchanges like Newdex to create, fill orders, and easily withdraw their funds to the wallet of their choice without having to export their private keys.

So, lately I have been doing price comparison on which exchange offers the best buy/sell order upon which I arrived on TP Exchange and Newdex, with TP exchange offering a buy order on EOS/USDT as 2.23 and Newdex a buy/sell order on EOS/USDT as 2.20 one can easily partake in Arbitrage trading via TokenPocket without having to log out from the app itself.

TP Exchange

TP Exchange runs on TokenPocket wallet (a multichain cryptocurrency wallet and also a Dapp browser). TP exchange provides 3 different liquidity options from top exchanges and also offers its users trading fee of 0.095% while ensuring users have the necessary tools to get their trading started.

Like most exchanges, getting started on TP exchange is more like a click of a button with the option of signing up via an email address or mobile number

KYC is easily completed and approved within the shortest time.

Newly launched, TP Exchange offers a wide range of tradable coins paired to BTC, USDT, and ETH, and with an active community on Telegram and twitter the dev team are always open to discussion concerning new features needed to better give it users the best crypto exchange available.

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Built on the EOS blockchain, Newdex is a decentralized exchange that provides easy to use features which supports majority of tokens available on the EOS blockchain which includes EOS itself, PEOS, Karma, Telos, and many others.

This was the case until recently with the implementation of a cross-chain features, users can now trade BTC and other alt coin on Newdex.

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Newdex being a Dapp can be easily accessible via TokenPocket and as shown from the screenshots above, one can easily create a buy order for EOS at a cheaper price compared to TP exchange on Newdex and make sales of the purchased asset on TP exchange while claiming the profits without having to wait for minuets, hours or most time days.

You can as well compare the price of other assets and see which fits your trading schedule.

Till some other time stay bless and stay safe.

Disclaimer, the above is for educational and entertainment purposes, users are advised to make their own research before investing in any digital or none digital platform.

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