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Hi guys and welcome to another beautiful day, still on the search to locate the best performing BSC DApp that gives greater APY when compared to others and our adventure has been somewhat fruitful so far has it lead us to, PancakeSwap, and many others.

Today’s writeup will be focused on Autofarm and steps to access it via TokenPocket wallet.

Over the past couple of weeks, Binance smart chain has recorded new heights when it comes to the daily transaction be it on DApp or simply assets movement, it is gradually taking over the crypto space and not giving room for its competitors, one can even say in a year to come, it will stand a chance to be compared with the likes of Ethereum network and daily transactions carried out, the saying of first movers advantage having greater share when it comes to rewards accumulation is definitely true but the long run it mostly comes down to the technological approach and which performs better.

Ethereum is regarded to be the first mover when it comes to smart contract deployment and over the years, the majority of DApps have built and established themselves via this network but at the moment, the Ethereum network is becoming congested with slower block confirmation and higher transaction cost making it somewhat unbearable for new DApp startups, and while ETH 2.0 promises a better future no one fully knows when this features will be deployed and while this is ongoing, the BSC network is not wasting any time to take control of this situation and establish themselves.

With the introduction of Dexes and DeFi, BSC is gradually becoming the goto network, and APY is mostly mouthwatering with returns far better than any existing one.

Autofarm and others stand ontop daily Realized APY be it on staking or simply LP, is regarded as one of the best and highest paying when it comes to APY payout.

Built on the Binance smart chain network, Autofarm is a hyper-optimized cross-chain yield aggregator that allows individuals to stake and provide liquidity to running DApps on the BSC network, creating a self-sustainable platform.

To access AutoFarm, one needs a web3 wallet that allows access and log-in to BSC DApp, and TokenPocket does exactly this.

TokenPocket is a noncustodial wallet that allows individuals to easily access DApps built on the BSC network directly from their mobile device without the need to turn on their PC.

Getting started with AutoFarm, one needs to have a BSC account up and running on TokenPocket, and to achieve this user can easily create or import a BSC network to TokenPocket

Upon download and installation, type in the below address to the provided search bar via the Discover menu and click on Go

A new page is opened up to you and the option to log in is readily available, click on connect and allow the page to properly load depending on your internet connection.

The new menu is self-explanatory and users can easily decide to stake their said coin or provide liquidity to start earning daily profits whichever they see fit.

Disclaimer: The above is for entertainment and educational purposes only, users are advised to do their own research before investing in any online or offline platform.




I blog on hive and my account

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Oteme Eghele

Oteme Eghele

I blog on hive and my account

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