BakerySwap on TokenPocket

Hi guys and welcome to another lovely week, it’s been tough this past 24hrs as it relates to the entire crypto space with price retrace going as far as 50% and I must say, while we all expected such activity to happen due to the ongoing Chinese new year festival, it still took many by surprise but again we live to fight another day.

Dips are for buying and the majority of users who bought, chances are they are currently in profit.

One particular token to be exact did see a significant increase after the dip came in and that’s none other than bake token

From a price low of 0.3, Bake is already looking a good few hours after the dip as a high of 0.44 was recorded few hours and while we might experience more dips, later on, the token is said to stand out from the populace due to its farming feature.

Cryptocurrency before now was majorly for the exchange of goods for other product via p2p trading and also a means to store money in the long term to generate more profit due to its highly volatile state, but then the problem of having to bear the long wait time and just watch your coin pump and dump can be really heartbreaking hence the introduction of DeFi, a medium to generate reward without actually waiting for a pump.

DeFi basically is to counter the centralized finance by providing a higher return on investment, easy access, and many other advantages making it a good long-term investment.

DeFi was majorly centered on the Ethereum chain but over time due to high fees users had to pay to keep their daily transactions going on, the need to run on multiple chains was needed, and thus Binance smart chain was created, a good substitute to the Ethereum network which offers lesser fee, faster confirmation time, and many others perks

Bake and many other tokens were born from Binance smart chain to offer staking ability, liquidity providing, and many other opportunities, and to interact with such platforms, one needs a web3 based wallet and thus TokenPocket comes into play.

TokenPocket is a noncustodial wallet that allows users to easily manage multiple types of crypto assets directly from their mobile device, and also a DApp browser for the likes of Binance smart chain, Ethereum, and many others

Getting started with BakerySwap on TokenPocket requires one to have an updated version of TP which supports the BSC network.

TokenPocket is available on IOS, and Android devices and users can easily download it via their supported marketplace.

Upon download and installation completion, launch TokenPocket from your app menu and create or import a Binance smart chain account using the provided options available.

Click on the discover menu from the asset page and locate the BSC section or better still, type on the search box and click OK

Give it a while for the page to properly open depending on your internet speed.

BakerySwap is opened and users can easily farm BSC tokens.

BakerySwap will be supporting the farming of a new token come 16th of February and users can easily browse about the event here

This alongside many other opportunities to farm Binance smart chain token will be available but again, users are always advised to do their own research before investing in any digital or offline platform.

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