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Hi guys and welcome to another lovely morning, some few days back we experienced yet another binance smart chain project added to binance launchepad and while the APY for the first 5 days was great, many still couldn’t get a good amount mined due to its limited supply of the said token and also its low circulation supply.

Bitcoin Standard Hashrate token or BTCST for short is built on binance smart chain network and currently has a total circulation supply of 1milion with no fixed supply yet, at the moment, binance users as well as pancake currently have it listed to launchpad and pool network which allows both users to mine at a set APY.

BTCST is already listed on Binance and currently trading around the $100 mark.

The above price mark is achieved barely few hours after going live, this might be ushered by the fact that BTCST already has a working DApp which allows individuals to stake and mine actual BTC, crazy right? Lol but not entirely crazy after all the crypto network is something many called impossible when it was introduced years back.

DeFi is gradually becoming a norm and I think BTCST is taking this to a new level, to mine BTC individuals need a high enough rig which is not only expensive to build but also consumes a lot of electricity due to its network build (POW), over the years, the difficulty of mining BTC actually became more expensive and while the reward is huge the cost of mining is somewhat too high and only few elites have the capability to do this.

BTCST is providing an alternative via staking which allows anyone from any location and does not even require a high tech device or high tech knowledge to plug into this system and start mining their very own BTC directly from their mobile device, feels unreal? Lol well not anymore and the DApp is already running with several thousands staked already.

BTCST is built on the binance smart chain and thus requires a web3 supported wallet for individuals to gain access to its system and TokenPocket does exactly this.

TokenPocket is a multi-chain wallet that allows users to easily manage their crypto assets from their mobile device and also a DApp browser which allows anyone to gain access to platforms like BTCST and many others.

TokenPocket is currently available on IOS and Android devices and users can download from their supported market app or directly from TokenPocket homepage here

Getting Started

As a new user, the first thing you would need to do is create a binance smart chain wallet or import one if you had any prior to now

This can be easily achieved from launching your TP app from your mobile menu and locate the account creation option, click on create or import depending on your preference.

Properly backup your private key and mnemonic 12 phrase words if for any reason your device is formatted or misplaced, you always have a secure backup to your funds.

You need to deposit BTCST to your binance smart chain wallet and this can be done via binance or exchange other BSC tokens on pancakeswap to BTCST.

From your asset menu, click on the discover tab and a new menu comes into view

You can easily browse your favorite DApps page directly from this menu but today’s writeup is focused on BTCST

Search on BTCST via the search box or scroll down to the new DApp section until BTCST comes into view

Click on the DApp and allow the page to properly load up, your account will be automatically logged in and your balance if any is shown to you.

The option to stake is self explanatory and anyone can do this.

Disclaimer : The above information is for entertainment and educational purposes only, individuals are advised to do their own research before investing in any digital or offline platform.

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