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Content creation has been in existence way back to the earliest stages of human history.

Content created can be voluntary or assigned to you from your place of work.

The processes of creating this content have changed shape over the years to date.

The availability of mobile and smart devices made this easy, and social media soon came into existences.

Now, individuals are able to share their content far and wide all across the world from the comfort of their home.

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CateredContent took this into consideration and created a platform where users will get paid for creating content across various fields.

This means,

No matter your area of expertise, you are sure to find a task that aligns with you. runs writing contests for various companies. The writing contests have prizes that users can win by participating! is a website that allows its users to earn crypto in exchange for writing content! We host numerous events (writing contests), in which users can participate by writing an article about the contest topic.

Getting Started

Unlike some platform that requires you filling different and personal information, CateredContent does not ask for that.

The only requirement is to have an active email address.

  • Goto
  • Type in any username of your choice
  • Fill in an active email address you have access to
  • Type in a password you can easily remember or preferably store in offline.
  • Click on signup, your account should be active within some secs or hours.

If all was successful, you should have access to CateredContent

What is the Goal of CateredContent?

CateredContent is an ambitious project. Our goal is to enable writers from around the world to earn while writing about topics that they love!

Most times, we are limited to some platform probably due to no support of our region, this might include the form of payment and what have you.

After the introduction of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, the payment method is no longer an issue of much concern.

Payment ranges across different cryptocurrency which offers easy access to the community.

This way, you are sure to get your payment whenever you qualify or meet the requirement.


What most successful platforms have in common is looking for ways to render services to their customers and client alike.

Backed by a good team, CateredContent is always looking for ways to improve the services they render

Presently, they are into blockchain and cryptocurrencies related content, but with time we should be expecting much more.


You can stay up to date by following their account .

To stay up to date, create an account in Steem and follow to get notified of any new update and task.

Also, you can check their platform page regularly


What better way to increase users participation level than a rank based system?

Every user new to CateredContent platform starts as a small fish which grows over time based on your activities.

Activities include taking part in tasks (when available)

Users are advised to register now and start ranking up, for future benefits.

Why wait, when you can create an instant account today

Signup today at


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