Chain Clash is live on TokenPocket, do you have what it takes to become the absolute best?

Chain Clash

Do you have what it takes to make your clan the best? The strategies, deep thinking, predicting your opponent movements before they play and all? Then log into Chain Clash today via TokenPocket and start your trial to become the best of the best.

Chain Clash is a collectible action-based game built on the EOS Blockchain where players get to battle on different arenas with the aim of becoming the absolute best while leading your clan to the top.

Built on the EOS Blockchain, Chain Clash users will be able to trade in-game items as they play along, items include but not limited to game characters, game materials, and what have you, Chain Clash works on the principle of play to earn, meaning as you play along, the possibility of earning becomes greater.

Unlike default fighting games we have been used to, where game economics is directed to the dev team, meaning all game transactions go to the dev and market team and little or nothing goes to the player rather than the fun we get from playing them, Chain Clash is one of many games currently operating on the Blockchain that changes this view and brings the monetary incentive back to the players. This thereby creates a fun environment and also an avenue to earn.

Chain Clash officially released its public beta version on April 2nd and at the moment of writing this article, users are able to play Chain Clash on TokenPocket and other EOS Dapp browsers as well, with the only requirement having an EOS based account. Yes, Chain Clash is free to play but in-game charges do apply if you intend to boost your character faster.

Steps to play Chain Clash via TokenPocket

Built on the EOS network, Chain Clash requires an EOS based wallet that has the features of a Dapp browser to work. For this tutorial, we shall be using TokenPocket wallet.


  • EOS account
  • TokenPocket installed.

TokenPocket is a multi-chain wallet that allows its users to easily store cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, TRX, EOS, IOST, and many others, while it acts as a wallet to store such crypto assets, users can also access different types of Dapps built on the supported Blockchains.

  • Download TokenPocket here and yes TokenPocket supports both IOS and Android devices.
  • Launch TokenPocket and click on EOS wallet section
  • Create or import an EOS account to TokenPocket using any of the provided means available, for a limited time, you can create an EOS account with 20% discount on its initial price via TokenPocket.
  • Click on Discover menu from your EOS wallet asset page
  • Scroll down to new section and click on Chain Clash
  • Sign the transaction by logging in with your password
  • The next option is to create an avatar
  • Don’t worry, the first avatar for every new account is free and you can choose amongst the different Blockchains
  • Select your favorite Blockchain and lead them to the top

Not to iterate what is already available, all steps and explanation about the game and its mechanics can be found on Chain Clash discord server which you can join via this link

  • Join the discord channel and locate #knowledge-hub for all the information you probably need.

Till some other time, stay safe out there

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