Claim your GTC airdrop via TokenPocket

Oteme Eghele
2 min readJun 15, 2021

Hi guys and welcome to another lovely day, a week back we saw Gitcoin introducing their platforn based token to the community GTC and glad to say, certain percentage was distributed to the gitcoin community and by community I mean users who performed certain related task on

Participation goes from grands creation, donation, and many others.

If you qualified and need to claim yours, the requirement is pretty much simple, perform an inapp interaction probably to show you are not a bot and this should be carried out via web3 supported wallet and this is where, TokenPocket comes in.

Download TokenPocket wallet if you haven't prior to now, create or import your existing account that is linked to gitcoin and click on the discover page

It takes you to a DApp menu that gives you access to numerous listed DApps and while TokenPocket is yet to list a direct link to gitcoin claim page, you can easily copy the link the below

From discover menu, there is a search box section attached the top, click on it and paste the url link provided above

This should be carried out via the linked address to your gitcoin account

Login using your data and follow the pop-up commands

From the get started section, complete the brief tutorial to show you fully understand the GTC concept and click next

Allow each page to properly load before clicking next, failure to abide to this might lead to you completing the same step repeatedly.

Complete each step until the final

Claiming requires you to hold certain amount of ethereum in your TokenPocket wallet which is used to confirm the transaction

If all is successful, you can easily view your account on

If the token does not automatically reflect in your wallet then you just have to add the contract address via the search token menu from TokenPocket and your GTC amount will automatically come up alongside the total worth attached to it

GTC contract address?


This is all for today and until some other time stay safe.