Congratulations to Twee and TweeB on Listing on Asproex

A Few days back Asproex made an official announcement on listing TweeB and Twee, both coins brought about by Tweebaa developers, a commerce/social media platform.

TweeB is a Defi based coin and Twee is a decentralized digital asset based on TRON, issued by Tweebaa Cayman, with a limited total of 2 billion pieces.

Defi is the new gold as many call it, the Era of offline mining, long queue, hours of waiting to take a loan from 3rd parties is coming to an end as DeFi opens up new opportunities that promise to give both lenders and borrowers the best deal they can think of.

Defi came into existence a few months back after certain developers saw that the concept of the smart contract could be tweaked to achieve greater heights unlike anything we have ever seen and thus Defi was born.

Basically Defi is short for decentralized finance, a general term used to describe all financial Dapps developing and already developed which runs on blockchain technology.

Some of the features they provide include but not limited to the lending of tokens by allowing users to provide collateral in cryptocurrency different from the offline means which required you to have lands, and other assets.

It grants rewards to users who provide liquidity on the paired token, unlike staking where users had to wait for weeks, months, to start generating rewards, liquidity providing differs, and users most times make their invested sum faster than any pre-existing system.

TweeB implements this and more.

Unlike other Defi that are based on whalish action with less than a thousand users interacting on them, TweeB will make use of the already provided Tweebaa community to achieve a wider audience like nothing the Defi platform has seen.

While many are confused if the already available coin called Twee will play a major role in this, it has been answered prior to now that Twee and also TiV, an influence value, which reflects a user’s contribution on the APP will play a vital role moving forward.

The announcement of the Asproex listing is huge news to the entire Tweebaa and TweeB community and also shows proof that development is continuous and ongoing and the dev is not ready to put a stop to these platforms anytime soon.

While Asproex is one of many to come, this serves as a great achievement and also a vision of more benefits ahead.

To read about the listing pls check this page and if you don’t have an account yet, don’t hesitate to create one

This is for educational and entertainment purposes and users are advised to make their own research before investing in digital or offline platform

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