Creating EOS account via TokenPocket with Smart Contract

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Hi guys and welcome to another lovely day, some few days back I received a message from a user not been able to create an EOS account.

Now unlike BTC, ETH, and other altcoins, creating EOS account is a little bit different as users need CPU, NET, and RAM to make the account active and functioning, and to achieve this it requires a cost which can be paid by a company, 3rd parties or a friend who already have an EOS based account.

TokenPocket offers different types of ways one can create an EOS based account with the help of a friend and also by themselves.

One of the most common ways is paid creation, this requires an activation code which can be bought with the use of WeChat or via PayPal but the problem is the hassle or rather the fact that some countries don’t readily offer the above services and others who have this have a hard time setting this up and thus other forms of account creation is required.

The next process I would recommend is the smart contract

Smart Contract

As the name says, it’s a smart contract which is carried out automatically when the required data is present.

The data, in this case, is an address and a memo which are both generated when you initiate an account creation via this option.

Getting Started

Download and install TokenPocket wallet if you don’t have it installed prior to now

TokenPocket is available on both IOS and Android respectively, simply search on AppStore or Google Play depending on your device preference.

You can also download TokenPocket from its official website here

  • Launch TokenPocket app from your menu
  • Select the EOS blockchain from the provided options
  • The option to create or import an account becomes available

As a new user, you will need to create a new account and for that reason, you have to select account creation

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Select the smart contract option and a new menu comes up

Fill in the appropriate information using your provided data, for the username you can make use of random if you don’t have one.

Backup the generated private key properly to somewhere safe as this gives you access to your account after account creation

Click on next, an EOS address, and a memo will be generated alongside the required amount of EOS to pay.

Payment does not generally mean it must be from another EOS main-net account

You can make payment literally from any platform provided the option to add memo is available as this is required

Send the required amount of EOS to the generated address and memo

If all is completed you should have access to your account but to verify if the account is active you can search the name on

If the account is active, a result will be shown to you.

Remember after making the transfer, the EOS is used for staking CPU, NET, and to purchase RAM

CPU and NET can be un-staked and with regards to RAM, this can be sold back to get your initial EOS worth. Unlike CPU and NET, the price of RAM fluctuates, so it might be in your favor or not.

That is all for today, till some other time stay safe

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