Crypto Dynasty Ethereum version is available, get started with TokenPocket wallet

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Hi guys and a happy new month to you all out there, few days back we made a post with regards to Crypto Dynasty the Ethereum version been launched and I must say the launch was successful and even beyond my expectations.

We looked at some key features highlighted on their medium page and how users could prepare while the upgrade was ongoing.

On today’s writeup, we are going to highlight some points new users will have to follow to set up their account pending upcoming game tutorials.

Crypto Dynasty houses generally two features which is play to earn and play for fun, the feature to stake is readily available for both parties, individuals can decide to stake and receive daily reward or become part of the community by staking and also engaging in gameplay.

As we earlier discuss, Crypto Dynasty covers both PVP gameplay and RPG, users fight against different waves of boss while claiming materials along the way, these materials can in-turn be used in crafting equipments which can further be used for fighting or sold to other players.

These and many other ways individuals can earn is readily available.

To start your adventure in Crypto Dynasty, you need a web3 base wallet that supports Crypto Dynasty Ethereum version.

Getting Started

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Like most DApps, Crypto Dynasty requires a crypto wallet to operate which links mostly the financial aspect of the game, thereby creating a decentralized open market system.

  • Download TokenPocket wallet here
  • Choose your preferred device as TokenPocket is available for IOS and Android device respectively
  • Launch your TokenPocket app and create an Ethereum based wallet, ensure you save your private keys and mnemonic phrase word as this allow you to instantly recover your Ethereum wallet if for any reason your phone was formatted.
  • Download Crypto Dynasty here
  • Launch the game and select your preferred Blockchain and for this tutorial we are using Wei for Ethereum
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  • Click on Wei and select TokenPocket to continue
  • it automatically loads your ethereum based wallet on TokenPocket
  • Sign into the game using your TokenPocket password and complete the onscreen instruction
  • If all is successful, you should be logged into the game with steps to follow as a new user.

That said, as a new user and looking for a more concise hints and features of the game, then read this article here it talks about the game features.

This is all for today, until some other time stay safe and mask-on.

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