Crypto Weekly | 12k soon or just another rebound?

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Hi guys and welcome to another lovely day, it’s another lovely week and the crypto market is looking greenish as usual.

While the market continues to rally towards a greener day, bitcoin once again sits around the $11k mark with several approaches to break the $12k mark.

Crypto Weekly is a weekly writeup that talks about the crypto market with regards to BTC, ETH, and EOS and how they all fair the previous week.


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The past week was quite adventurous with different bitcoin rallies as it tries to push through the $12k mark but all to no avail.

Bitcoin, a decentralized means for paying of goods and services with no bound to any governmental body or system and 24/7 on-chain transactions.

As the world continues to change and adjust to the new system, bitcoin is gradually gaining audiences on daily basis as it proves to everyone that even during adversity it still stands tall and ride the waves while other financial system crumbles.

Currently sitting at $11k the path to $12k seems to be getting closer as each day passes.


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With the ever-growing changes and complaints surrounding its network, it still comes up every time just when you think it’s about to short.

ETH, a decentralized coin that uses the Ethereum Blockchain continues to gain massive attention as each day passes mainly caused by Defi, a decentralized finance platform with promises to change our ways of investing for the better.

This as created a constraint on the network but for some reason, the coin continues to beat all expectations as it soars higher.

Currently trading at $428, ETH experienced quite the pump over the week with a new month high of $441 one can only wonder if truly the best is yet to come and the journey to $500 is very close.


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We talked about EOS been one of the most undervalued coins in the crypto space and it seems this week brought a new change to the entirety and price of the EOS coin as it hovers and soars above the $3 mark with no form or attention of it coming back.

After weeks which later turned to months of no price action surrounding the EOS coin, the EOS coin finally breaks its resistance as it journeys to the $4 mark.

Many are currently linking this sudden price action to the launch of Voice as more users are currently been onboarded on daily basis slowly creating a new path to everything social.

That said, the EOS community is really thrilled and can’t wait to see how far this price movement reaches.

That is all for today and until some other time, stay safe and mask-on.

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