Hi guys and welcome to another lovely Monday, Monday’s are usually hectic with weekly report submission, deadline to meet, and others.

Combined the above with chart looking one might consider it a little overboard and hence the reason for Crypto Weekly.

Crypto Weekly is a weekly based article that briefly talks about the crypto market prices with reference to BTC, ETH, and EOS. It also talks about any news worth mentioning that happened over the week.


BTC keeps outperforming every possible scenario, taking a look at previous years one would start thinking that a dump happening now is something usual and probably make plans towards it but it seems the reverse is the case today.

Starting from a weekly price of $18900, BTC soon took a dive down to $17700, and just when we thought the festive season effect was beginning to take effect, BTC pulled another movement taking it to a new weekly high of $19300 before settling at $19100 where it currently trades.

It has been one randomly movement and unexpected results, with the festive period drawing closer as each day passes one can wonder if BTC at $19k is soon to be the lowest price for BTC or a sudden dump is gradually approaching

Do leave your thoughts on this via the comment box below.

The above is for educational purposes only and users are advised to do their own research before investing in any digital platform.


While BTC continues to claim market dormancy, ETH is not left out and over the week it has seen several changes and reactions with respect to BTC dump and climb.

Starting from a weekly opening price of $591, ETH later plunged to values below the $550 mark and down to $540, and just when we thought the bullish movement of ETH was over, it pulled another long movement taking it from a new weekly low of $540 to a new high of $593 before settling at $584 where it currently trades.

What are your thoughts on this movement, do you think the introduction of ETH 2.0 will actually bring great change to not just the Ethereum Blockchain use-case but to price alteration as well or is the best of ETH done and it’s all dump here on.

Do leave your comment about this below


With good support at $2.8, EOS has managed to stay atop days after dumping to a new weekly low of $2.6.

Not the best performing coin and definitely not the worse, with many promises of EOS becoming the solution the blockchain currently needs which is a lesser transaction fee, faster transaction, security-wise, and others the price is yet to actually reflect the above worth but rather taking a downtrend.

Ranked top 10 in coinmarketapp a while back, EOS has fallen considerably to number 15 and coins like steller, BNB, LTC, and others can be seen topping its rank.

Well, basing a coin performance totally on a website is not all that much ideal but still, the EOS devs need to situp and maybe do something about the staggering price movement of EOS, maybe release weekly updates about the state of EOS blockchain and give investors something to hold on to and not just mere promises.

That said, the next few weeks should be fun to watch as previous experience usually shows a downtrend in the entire crypto market but unlike before, the world is currently seeing massive adoption to not just bitcoin but the entire crypto space at large.

Will this be able to keep the price above or the reverse is the case, do leave your comment below

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