Hi guys and welcome to another lovely week and also another new month, opportunities never end, and thus this new month will be far better than previous ones.

Welcome once again to Crypto Weekly, a weekly writeup hosted by TokenPocket that gives a brief insight into the crypto market structure with reference to BTC, ETH, and EOS.

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As the year comes to an end, it’s fun to look back and just say thanks. The economy was hit with recession unlike any we have ever experienced but for some reason, BTC and altcoins were able to withstand it all and when other financial institutions went down, BTC simply climbed from a low of $5k to a new high of $13k where it currently stands.

If this doesn’t boost your confidence in this digital currency (BTC) I doubt any other thing would.

While uncertainty continues to push each day, BTC has managed to stay above the $13k mark for a few days and this has over time created a sense of adjustment and thought moving that the next rally would be $15k.

From a weekly low of $12k+, BTC was able to rally to $13k+ and it seems the news of PayPal adding BTC as a form of payment is still very much new to the entire crypto space at large, many just like myself begin to wonder how high can BTC go while the news continues to spread?

Well, do leave your thought on this below.


I wouldn’t call the price movement on ETH the previous week all that great, a few weeks back we saw ETH climbed to $400 and more after BTC broke the $12k resistance but for some reason, ETH was unable to perform much but rather it was mainly stuck around the $380 mark and few movements which later led to further price fall.

Many are linking the low performance in price action to Defi, saying Defi is no longer a major focus in crypto space and rather individuals are majorly interested in BTC right now, and thus money is gradually changing the focus of interest.

Starting the previous week at a price of $389, ETH was able to climb to a week high of $406 before plunging to $386 where it currently trades. Well, this is a new week and new expectations ahead, what are your price predictions for ETH this week?

Leave your thought on this below.


ETH wasn’t the only low performing coin this past week as we observed a straight downtrend price movement in EOS over the past couple of days moving to a low further that we have experienced for some weeks now.

Starting the week at a price of $2.63, EOS was able to achieve a top price of $2.69 before its sudden and steady decline in price moving to $2.44 where it currently trades.

While the entire crypto space continues to observe a downtrend in price, hope still continues and we all hope that this new month brings something better than previous months.

What are your thoughts about the current crypto price movement? Do you see a continuous price drop? Or a pump is simply waiting to happen.

Leave your thought on this below.

As usual, Crypto Weekly is for entertainment and educational purposes, individuals are advised to do their own research before investing in any digital or offline platform.

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