After a pump comes a dump or simply a short market retrace? Well, the next few days will be a telling point on the crypto market as a whole.

Hi guys and welcome to another lovely Monday, it’s a new week and also new opportunities await us as we dive into it.

Crypto Weekly is a weekly writeup that talks about the crypto market and how it fair the previous week with reference to BTC, ETH, and EOS.


Starting from a weekly low of $13k, BTC has outperformed itself the past few weeks as we experienced it cross the $15k mark and it seems like it is not going back or retracing anytime soon.

The past few weeks have been a trying time in the different financial sectors with regards to the US election and result, all financial markets felt a little hit every now and then, so also BTC was not spared.

For a time we thought BTC was heading back to $14k but it seems the support held perfectly and we soon found BTC at the $15k once again.

Do you know/understand what it means to have the feeling of De Ja Vu, everything kind of pause and it feels like the present event took place already. This is the feeling I get after staring at BTC price for a while.

The thoughts of 2017 come flooding and all I can do is hope for something far better to happen.


ETH definitely did not fail to meet expectations this past few days as we saw/experienced its price movement rally from $375 go $440 where it currently trades.

If there is anything the entire crypto space can agree on is a good price movement and ETH exhibited this once again claiming the entire crypto space love.

While the launch date of ETH 2.0 continues to stay pending, the list of users who believe in this project continues to increase on daily basis, from what seems to provide 32ETH as a minimum requirement to safeguard the system turned to mere words hours later and we now have contributors donating every seconds or minute.

ETH 2.0 claims to have features that are far better than its existing one and with the hype going on each passing day, getting a higher market price for ETH might be coming anytime soon.


This past few weeks favored all or most altcoins.

Moving from a low of $2.28, EOS and many altcoins saw an upward movement as EOS clocked a high of $2.61 before its final retrace as it moved to $2.49 where it currently trades.

EOS continues to rank no.13 on Coinmarketcapp rating and just another form of assurance to keep users at ease while development continues to take place.

If just like I said about 2020 been a de ja vu of 2017 then the best is yet to come and the hype is just getting started.

As usual, individuals are advised to do their own research before investing in any digital or offline platform.

Until some other time stay bless.

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