CryptoWeekly | BTC continues to dump below the 12k mark

Hi guys and welcome to another lovely day, it’s a new week in Crypto space and you already know what time it is, yes it’s Crypto Weekly

It has been quite the ride this past few weeks with dips and rise every now and then leaving traders confused and many entering what we call FUD.


It was quite the fun ride after soaring above 12k for a while, BTC finally took a step down to 11k and while many call it quite good and also far better than the dump anticipated, many still took the hit as the correction continues.

BTC over the week experienced slight bumps here and there bringing alt-coins to a new month low, leaving many behind and others on a move to gain momentum once again.

The mass adoption over this decentralized coin continues as more countries are bringing laws to further help her citizens procure this digital asset.

While FOMO and FUD continue daily, users are always advised to do their own research when it comes to investing in crypto assets as they are highly volatile and simply controlled based on demand and supply.


After weeks of staying above the $400 mark, ETH experienced some setbacks taking the coin below the $400 mark to $370+ where it currently trades.

This came as a result of the unexpected BTC dip which took place a few days back dragging not just ETH but other altcoins as well but unlike most altcoin, ETH was able to build momentum soon after as it experienced quite the pump above $400 before dropping once again.

Truly the market as been a Rollercoaster ride with many enjoying the ups and downs and others just staying clear off while it stabilizes a little more.

So are you currently taking part in the ride or playing it safe from the sidelines?

Leave a comment behind.


All hype or something great is coming?

So, some few weeks back we saw EOS or rather we experienced the hype around EOS after it climbed all the way from 2. to a new month’s high of 3.4 and more and we thought this was the breakthrough we all needed, $4 never seemed so close until BTC came in.

Just like ETH, EOS was not spared as well as it went through the dip phase as BTC came down, the $4 dream soon crashed and it went down hard.

That said, this might just be the start of something great, voice launched and created the hype surrounding the EOS coin with no solid news if the EOS coin will play a vital role in this platform or not but the rumors are, if/when voice token becomes tradeable, there is every possibility EOS will be a pair meaning users might have to trade to EOS before exchanging to fiat or whatever their requirement is.

The expectations sure are high and we can only hope and wish, EOS comes through for us and the dream of $4 becomes a reality with even more price to conquer ahead.

This is all for today, until some other time, stay safe and mask-on



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