Defi coming to Crypto Dynasty

Have you ever wondered the possibility/outcome of mixing your daily work with entertainment?

Or better still, your entertainment system starts acting as your daily work and yielding good profit on daily basis, having fun and the same time generating profits, sounds unreal right?

Crypto Dynasty is about to make this a reality and not just mere imagination.

Defi aka Decentralized finance basically has to do with providing a decentralized financial services like lending out assets that does not require the input of 3rd parties, no form filling, line waiting, and what have you. It is simply a system that works in an automated pattern and you the lender or borrower.

The past couple of months, defi has gradually creep into the crypto space and currently having its stake in it with majority of users reading and studying about what this service renders and how different is it from our regular day to day trading of crypto assets, is it profitable or not? These are the questions users now ask.

At first, it was somewhat limited to the Ethereum blockchain which later created high usage in its network and thus increase in gas fees with most ranging to $90 on several occasion, while this took place, ETH price underwent massive pump from an initial price of $200+ to $470+ within months which later steered talks and also drafting of newer and better performance defi platform

This led to the creation of Defi platforms on the EOS blockchain that offers near to zero transaction cost, higher transaction speed and as usual, a decentralized environment.

Many has been birthed over the past couple of weeks but DMD and YFC stands out and TKT is about to be the latest addition of accepted tokens amongst many other EOS based tokens that will allow EOS based accounts to provide TKT liquidity mining.

Several changes are been made to ensure this addition does not affect the game economics in anyway.

While this is been done, users currently playing on ETH faction will be able to swap TKT ERC20 based for TKT EOS and take part in providing liquidity mining, the process is a one-way and users will not be able to convert back if they do decide to carry out such swaps.

Several changes are currently been made to ensure holders of TKT get the best from this new partnership.

The announcement was made via Crypto Dynasty official Twitter account which can be read here

To get the full announcement post and what to expect from this new partnership then head over to Crypto Dynasty medium page or you can easily read about it from this page

In summary,

  • Holders of TKT will get 2 divide-ends if they participate in this, which are daily returns from ingame and TKT liquidity mining.
  • Military rank requirements for staking TKT will not be affected
  • Game economy continues and it is not affected in anyway.

New to Crypto Dynasty?

Crypto Dynasty is an RPG/PVP game currently running on the EOS and ETH blockchain where players fight waves of enemies, battle stage boss, craft, equip or sell equipments in a diverse economy.

Incentives differs from earning EOS to ETH depending on the faction you are playing for and registeration is as easy as ABC

So come join the battle today by downloading Crypto Dynasty here available for both IOS and Android devices respectively.

Watch this video for steps on how to setup your Crypto Dynasty account via TokenPocket today

Hope to meet you ingame 😎 until then stay safe and have fun.




I blog on hive and my account

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Oteme Eghele

Oteme Eghele

I blog on hive and my account

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