DeFi Corner

Hi guys and welcome to another lovely week with DeFi Corner, a weekly based article that talks about the happenings surrounding the DeFi space, both the trending and also upcoming DeFi across all Blockchians.

Over the past couple of months, DeFi has been the center of crypto-based talk and it seems everyone wants a piece of the cake from this mind-changing platform.

DeFi stands for decentralized finance, platforms that offer greater incentives when compared to their centralized counterpart, and also they are built on a decentralized network, the Blockchain which offers or creates an autonomous process of cash lending, borrowing, and others without a 3rd party confirmation.

In the next few days we are going to check out some trending DeFi on the BSC chain network and also steps one can get into them.

Starting today’s writeup is with Thugs Finance.

Thugs Finance is one of the earliest DeFi based platforms to be launched on the Binance smart chain network and over the past couple of months it has created values that could actually be ranked as one of the best ongoing platforms, from what started as more like freebies during their airdrop distribution to a wide-based community on telegram and also discord, truly the thugs are here to stay.

Built on the binance smart chain network, thugs finance offers different options that allow BSC users to easily stake, provide LP, or simply swap binance smart chain tokens for one another.

The process involved is self-explanatory and can be easily understood by mere preview.

Built on the BSC network, it requires a web3 based wallet that can easily allow interaction with the blockchain and its platform and this is where TokenPocket comes into play.

TokenPocket like many other crypto-based wallets allows its users to easily manage their crypto assets and also provides a DApp browser to platforms like Thugs Finance, and many others.

Getting Started

TokenPocket is available on IOS and Android devices and users can easily download their preference from play store or app store or they can download directly from TokenPocket homepage here

Upon downloading, launch your TokenPocket wallet from your mobile menu and create or import the wallet of your choice.

Thugs Finance is built on Binance smart chain network, so select the BSC wallet from the provided list.

The option to either create a new wallet or import an existing one is readily available.

Select your preferred option, backup your keys which is very important, and create a password needed to confirm transactions.

From your BSC asset page, click on the discover menu as shown in the screenshot below

Locate the new menu option or search on

Thugs finance comes up, click on the searched result to get started.

The option to log in is readily available, by clicking unlock wallet and select MetaMask

Thugs finance becomes fully opened to you and you can decide what options to take next.

This is all for today, don’t forget to follow us for our next writeup on DeFi.




I blog on hive and my account

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Oteme Eghele

Oteme Eghele

I blog on hive and my account

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