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Hi guys and welcome to another beautiful week, the trending word still remains Defi and it seems more projects are gradually diving into this space.

That said, let’s quickly take a quick peek into the world of Decentralised finance or Defi for short, and see what is trending.

Defi Corner is brought to you by TokenPocket, a multi-chain wallet that allows users to easily manage their crypto assets on mobile or PC.

Defi Corner aims to keep users informed of the latest and trending Defi platform that offers various types of incentives better than pre-existing or rather centralized finance system.

Defi as many know it to be is called Decentralised finance with the aim of generally giving higher returns on staked assets when compared with any centralized system and unlike centralized, Defi is not governed by a body and no KYC or form filing requirement for any user to get started with this platform, you basically plug and play and watch your returns come in minutes, hours, or daily.

On today’s writeup, our attention is drawn to the EOS blockchain and it seems newer platform and beginning to dive into this Defi world creating more use cases for the eos network.

Not to bore you with more talks, our focus today is called Hamburger.

Yes you read it right 😁


For an unexplained reason, the majority of Defi coming up tends to bare the funniest name, we have gone from the basis name like Uniswap, 1inch, and others to more foodie names and one can only wonder when it becomes too much.

If you are familiar with Defi on Ethereum blockchain then the concept of Hamburger wouldn’t be all too new to you but instead of paying high ends fee for the transaction, here you only have to worry about CPU and NET, the rest is history.

Hamburger is basically a dex aggregator on the eos blockchain, that allows users to provide liquidity for any asset of their choosing, ranging from to DMD/EOS paired to BOX/EOS, this inturn grants users reward from every transaction carried out and also the native token of the platform called HBG.

Launched a few days back, the platform is already seeing a high amount of EOS/USDT provided to its liquidity currently within the range of thousands and like every other Defi platform running on the EOS blockchain, LP does not have to worry about transaction cost when providing liquidity.

Swap is done as easy as possible and the rate used is collected from the best exchange available using real-time data, this ensures users at all time gets accurate price range.

Getting started

This is all for today, do have a lovely week ahead and stay safe.



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