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Hi guys and welcome to another beautiful day, it’s another beautiful week and so many opportunities ahead.

With the ever-growing community, we at TokenPocket saw the need to educate our users on new and trending Defi, and thus Defi Corner was born.

Defi Corner is hosted by TokenPocket, a multichain wallet that allows users to easily manage their crypto assets the easy way, it also provides supports to DApp browsers.

Defi as popular known is short for decentralized finance, basically, these are platforms built on the blockchain that provides one or more financial function with returns most times higher than centralized and it is carried out via a smart contract, no waiting time to fill form or queue waiting.

Binance smart chain launched some months back and it has been different DApps springing up of late and today we are going to discuss one of such DApps called Burgerswap


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Burgerswap like Uniswap is a decentralized exchange that allows users to easily trade/swap between Binance smart chain token, it also offers the provision of liquidity which in turn generates reward to LP

Acting as a Defi it provides different functions from liquidity providing to governance/staking. So unlike Uniswap Burgerswap is more vote-based or self-governed by the community, what this means is that holder of Burgers, the native token of Burgerswap has a say in what goes on.

Before now tokens were mostly for staking to generate more reward, probably VIP privileges also but none went as far as actually trusting the community and their choices.

Burgerswap went a step further by trusting their community and when an addition or update is to be made, a vote is created where all holders of Burgerswap have the ability to vote and by voting, they also share from the reward provided while voting takes place.

This is a new concept by giving back to the community and also seeking their opinion or rather a voice before implementing changes, this is more like having shares in a platform, and in terms of finance, this is kind of a big deal and can’t wait for how the future is shaped using this feature.

To access Burgerswap you need a web3 supported wallet that allows easy access with Binance smart chain and TokenPocket falls under this category.

Download TokenPocket from PlayStore or Appstore depending on your mobile preference, or you can download directly from its homepage on

Launch your TokenPocket app and from the drop-down menu click on Binance SmartChain, the option to create or import an account is available

If you had a Binance smart chain account prior to now, you can easily import it but if not click on create an account.

From the asset page, click on Discover and search for Burgerswap or you can as well search on it with this URL

To interact with the DApp, click on the connect wallet if it doesn’t log you in automatically.

Interact with the platform as you see fit.

That is all for today and until some other time stay safe.

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