Hi, guys welcome to another lovely weekend and also to another edition of Defi Corner.

Defi basically refers to decentralized finance, platforms designed to replace our centralized finance system with returns and management far greater than any preexisting centralized system.

In today’s writeup, we are going to look into a recent and trending DeFi known as SakeSwap.


SakeSwap is a DeFi-based platform built on the Ethereum Blockchain which offers services similar to Uniswap, JustSwap, and others but with its own native token called Sake.

Like most Defi-based platform, SakeSwap offers features for users to provide liquidity against different types of token pairs which includes but not limited to ETH/USDT, ETH/UNI, ETH/SAKE, and many others.

By providing liquidity, you get to enjoy the rewards or rather trading fees generated when they make a trade within your provided liquidity pair.

SakeSwap also offers a farming option that is designed to farm their based token called SAKE with users not necessarily having rocket knowledge understanding on how blockchain works.

Farming is easy and anyone capable of reading and understanding can easily get into this option.

As usual, individuals are always advised to make proper research before diving into such sections.

Starting SakeSwap is very easy as it requires only an Ethereum based account and also a web3 based supported wallet to easily access their page.

TokenPocket offers both criteria and users can easily start their adventure on SakeSwap today via the following listed steps below.

TokenPocket is a multi-chain wallet that allows users to easily manage their crypto assets and it also supports DApp browser to access platforms like SakeSwap, Uniswap, and others.

Download TokenPocket wallet from Google Playstore or Appstore depending on your mobile device but if you prefer to download the app from its homepage then go-to https://www.tokenpocket.pro

Well, this is all for today, until some other time stay safe and have fun.

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