Defi on the EOS Blockchain — Organix, airdrop alert hold min of 100k TPT to claim OGX and also complete other social activities to share 48k OGX


Hi guys and welcome to another beautiful day, one can say this is the perfect weather for a picnic or something more in tune with your daily lifestyle, Crypto shopping.

Its the altseason with new and old coin seeing new ATH, hope your bag is among this? If not then I have something special for you today.

Organix, are you familiar with the concept of Decentralized finance? Or probably you have a token you want to create but due to the complexity and gas charges of the Ethereum Blockchain such dreams have been shut-down, well I am happy to inform you that Organix is coming to EOS.

Organix is an EOS-based protocol for the mint and trading of synthetic assets such as cryptocurrencies, commodities, fiat currencies, indexes, and inverse assets by over-collateralized the OGX tokens. Organix

Offering features like most other platforms currently running on the Ethereum Blockchain, Organix plan on using the speed, free transaction cost offered by the EOS blockchain to create a decentralized world that allows users to easily mint and trade synthetic assets with the only requirement of staking OGX

While still in development, the team is currently undergoing an airdrop event where they plan to gift out 48k OGX to EOS users that perform few simple tasks and also to holders of TPT, yes you read it right, so if you are a bag holder of TPT get ready for some OGX coming your way 😁 or yet to be a bag holder? Don’t worry you still have time to secure some

Getting started is very easy as the only requirement is owning an EOS account and this can be created via the different means available on TokenPocket.

Download TokenPocket here to get started with your EOS account creation and if you had an account already, you can easily import the private key

The event is quite simple which involves following their Twitter account, joining the telegram and completing this Google form

Just as I said, completing the various social activities is one and to qualify for the other airdrop, users need to hold a minimum of 100k TPT which can easily be purchased from Newdex and currently paired with USDT, EOS.

So what are you waiting for before you join this revolution on the EOS blockchain?

You can read more about Organix on their website here

Read about the airdrop event here

Official Tweet can be gotten here

Have any question related to account creation on the EOS blockchain pls leave a comment below or join the official telegram group of TokenPocket here

Until some other time, stay safe and mask-on.



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