DolphinSwap on TokenPocket

The future will not be governed by centralized and big cooperation but rather it will be governed by you and me, a situation where the populace’s voice is heard and a vote-based system is the order of the day working via a set of commands called a smart contract.

The introduction of blockchain made this possible and on daily basis, various types of DApps are created to function and act this way, some of having their own token which creates a community-based platform and ruled by holders of the said tokens, and others simply create pools where users of that said system go and cast vote the people way 😉

Many blockchains including EOS are growing on a daily basis and newer platforms are been created on a daily if not hourly basis, DolphinSwap is simply one of many and also the features it comes with are simply remarkable.

Built on the EOS network, DolphinSwap offers an easy to use dex system which allows for easy exchange of EOS based tokens across different pairs that include but not limited to OGX, NDX, TKT, and many others.

Like most Dex, DolphinSwap also comes with a pool creation feature that gives token holders an easy way to create their desired token pools or add to an existing pool with the incentive of getting rewards as LP.

Dex is becoming popular on daily basis and while most remain the same or in other words reiterate existing dexes, DolphinSwap added something a little bit unique by creating a system that rewards DOP holders and this is none other than DOP mining, other token providers use LP to incentives their holders but the issue of impermanent loss becomes a huge burden, DolphinSwap allows users to stake DOP and get a reward for doing so.

The current APY for DOP mining is 37% which is high when compared to any investment returns be it online or offline.

Getting Started

DolphinSwap is built on the EOS network and thus it requires a web3 wallet capable of accessing EOS based DApps

TokenPocket is a noncustodial wallet that allows easy access to DApps built on EOS and other chains, to access DolphinSwap, users need to download TokenPocket via AppStore or Google Play Store whichever device they are running.

From the launch menu, create or import an EOS account using any of the providing options at your disposal

Click on discover from the asset menu to bring up the DApp page

Locate the DolphinSwap from the list of provided DApps and click on it

Your account is automatically logged in and ready to use.

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