Exploring Huobi Eco Chain via TokenPocket

Hi guys and welcome to another week, the entire crypto market has definitely been fun to watch these past few days, we saw BTC market attain a new ATH and also a few thousand drops after reaching that height, hope you took some profit during this whole event? Well congrats if you did

With all the events going on, many might have become somewhat distracted to look into other platforms and get informed on recent changes, recent, TokenPocket added support for Huobi Eco Chain and individuals can easily store Huobi based coin and other supported tokens.

For those not familiar with what TokenPocket is, TokenPocket is a noncustodial multichain wallet that allows users to easily manage their crypto assets which comprise sending, receiving, and also perform other related activities which includes but not limited to voting.

While it acts as a crypto wallet, it also houses the feature of DApp browser, meaning users can easily access any DApp webpage directly from their mobile device without the need to connect a PC.

Huobi Eco Chain is somewhat new and not a lot of DApp currently runs on this blockchain, for the few that are supported such as CircleSwap, users can easily access them via TokenPocket.

Circleswap is a DeFi based platform built on HBC that allows users to swap across tokens, it also allows for liquidity provision meaning any user can provide liquidity to a token at any point in time.

Provision of liquidity is one way to increase token swap and also create the adoption of a token, users can as well make their own paired token which in turn gives rise for other users to join such pool

HBC is a developing blockchain with so much to offer and I believe circleswap is simply one of many DApps that will be introduced into this platform in the coming months.

As a new user, the need to create an HBC account is needed and this can be attained by simply downloading and install TokenPocket, click on create a wallet and locate HBC wallet, account creation is free and easy, users are opted to properly save their backup phrase to avoid any confusion if for any reason their wallet was deleted, formated, or maybe misplaced.

Circleswap is currently listed on TokenPocket DApps page and individuals can easily access it by navigating to the DApp menu, and search on circleswap, the searched result should be clicked and wait for the page to fully load.

This is all for today and until some other time, stay safe.

I blog on hive and my account https://steemit.com/@otemzi

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