Get a free BOS account with TokenPocket as they celebrate their 2yrs anniversary

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Hi guys with the event gradually coming to an end, users yet to create a BOS account can easily do so today via TokenPocket.

Earlier on, we discussed about the 2yrs anniversary and some of the event put in place to celebrate it, a process of giving back to the community for all the wonderful and memorable moments this last 2yrs have brought and so far, the event has been a remarkable and memorable one.

From gifting out free EOS resources to gifting of IOST and BOS tokens, TokenPocket sure stood out and to top it all up, for the next few days, they plan to gift out $1 in account creation to all users who follow a simple rule via their official Twitter handle.

TokenPocket is a multi-chain wallet that allows users to store a wide range of crypto assets ranging from BTC to IOST, and while they act as a wallet for storing these cryptocurrencies, users can also interact with Dapps built on this corresponding blockchains via TokenPocket Dapp browser which is easily located when you click on Discover from asset page.

The dev team have been consistently working to improve the features provided on TokenPocket and recently, they launched their very own exchange called TPexchange where users can easily deposit funds to their TPexchange account via TP wallet without the need to copy memo or deposit address and if you think this is already cool enough, TPexchange offers a trading fee of 0.095% with top liquidity from 3 well known cryptocurrency exchange platforms.

This added feature created room for more applications like arbitrage trading via TPexchange and TP supported Dex Dapp, users can easily trade and make profit with price difference between these exchanges.

All that said, it wouldn’t mean much if it wasn’t a safe haven for storing cryptocurrency and that’s where account creation comes up, for a limited time, EOS, IOST, and BOS users can take full advantage of a 20% discounted fee when creating account via TP and for a special occasion, BOS users can get a $1 activation code freely to create their own BOS account via TP

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The event came live few days back and will be up till April 8th SGT

#HappyBirthdayTokenPocket All the participators can get a free #BOS account (worth $1). With this BOS account, you are eligible to join the “send 1 get 50” event. #wallet #crypto

Follow @TokenPocket_TP & @boscore_BOS

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You can join this event by clicking on this link

To that, I wish you Goodluck and happy earning

Till some other time, stay safe out there and follow the health guidelines.

Originally written by me on with username @otemzi

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