Gods Unchained, do you have what it takes to rule the universe?

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Ever played a game and for some reason, you end up spending the whole day trying to level up? Well, that was my predicament after playing **gods unchained** on my PC some few days back.

To begin, I am not a huge fan of card-based genre games, I find them somewhat boring and a complete waste of time, but little did I know what joy it would bring me after playing one.

Gods Unchained is a card-based game built on the Ethereum chain, where users duel each other in a PVP mode and only the best, sneaky, opportunistic, you name it comes out alive.

As a god, you are tasked to build the best deck the world has ever seen, by the world, I mean the game lol don’t get too excited. This is done by claiming and unlocking cards when you defeat other players. If you find this somewhat tedious, you can purchase some rare and limited edition set of cards from the game store.

Getting started is not difficult, the only requirement is to have a PC and an Ethereum account, by this am not referring to an exchange address, I mean creating an account where you have access to the private key.


* A pc

* An Ethereum account

* Metamask installed

* Some Ethereum coin (for gas fee to sign transactions) and

* A browser (for this procedure, we shall be using chrome browser).

Download Metamask from this link [Metamask](https://metamask.io/)

Install and follow the messages prompt to get Metamask activated.

If all was successful, you should have the extension installed on your chrome browser and ready to use.

Click on the menu icon and navigate to create an account, you can create a new Ethereum account or better still import one if you had any before now. Whatever the case is, don’t forget to backup your private key as it gives you ownership of that wallet.

After creating/importing the account to Metamask wallet, go to [godsunchained](https://godsunchained.com?beta-key=AEOOXXZlCv) and register. At the moment, the game is still in its beta stage and to get in, you need to be invited.

Hence, the link above is my invite code which grants you access to the game and also gives me some certain reward when you start playing.

Click on link wallet to connect your Ethereum account to the game, this might cost a little for gas fee. Gods Unchained is free to play but network charges do occur when you make transactions on the Ethereum chain. To get started, I would advise users to deposit 0.01 ETH or less to their account as this will come in need for future transactions.

Click **Download the game** and install the apollo launcher which gives you access to the game, this takes some minutes depending on your network speed.

Upon downloading, launch the apollo app and log in with your details. If it asks for invite code in other to gain access to the game, then use this link once again [godsunchained](https://godsunchained.com?beta-key=AEOOXXZlCv).

You can start brawling and stacking up on those cards.


**Features of the game**


The game is still in its beta stage and thus it might be subjected to updates which might roll in now or later. When such happens, these features are subjected to change.


<a href=”https://ibb.co/RSbzTRp"><img src=”https://i.ibb.co/wLgMh5N/1.jpg" alt=”1" border=”0"></a>

Arena gives you the option to participate in quick match and rank matches.

Both match style falls under the same option but different battle modes. Quick match, you get to battle using pre-selected cards, this is more of a trial base to give you ideal about the game and also to build your card inventory.

For rank matches, players will have to build their own deck before commencing to this mode, I would advise players to have a good card inventory before advancing to rank mode.


<a href=”https://ibb.co/xHKcTgP"><img src=”https://i.ibb.co/0tpWb98/2.jpg" alt=”2" border=”0"></a>

Cards are unlocked from this menu by opening packs. Each pack contains different cards attribute and always fun to open. I guess is the thrill of not knowing what to expect.


<a href=”https://ibb.co/GTcMLXt"><img src=”https://i.ibb.co/NSZNPXm/5.jpg" alt=”5" border=”0"></a>

Cards unlocked from the temple option can be found here, for better arrangement, cards are grouped from 0 to 9+, these numbers represent the mana cost to draw a card during gameplay.


<a href=”https://ibb.co/N6LrxVP"><img src=”https://i.ibb.co/0jfKqDS/6.jpg" alt=”6" border=”0"></a>

Do you plan to take part in the rank competitive mode? If yes, then this option is for you. Here you get to work on your various types of god and select the best cards that meet your game style. Do you play offensive? Or better yet, you like playing on the safe side which means more tanks for you. It all comes down to your card selection which in turn shapes the outcome of any battle you find yourself in.


This menu is currently available on the web interface and provides players with unique and limited editions of card which can be purchased at different price ranges.


<a href=”https://ibb.co/2Kyn3TX"><img src=”https://i.ibb.co/f021dsm/7.jpg" alt=”7" border=”0"></a>

Raffle points can be claimed when your character levels up and also when your recruits earn.

To understand more about the raffle point, visit the below blog post made entirely to explain this option and while each player should take full advantage of it while it is still available. https://blog.godsunchained.com/2019/08/13/the-genesis-raffle/


For a card-based game, the game sure looks great and also somewhat addictive. Built on the Ethereum chain means that users would have to pay a certain fee for transactions. This wouldn’t be the case if the game was built on another chain like EOS or Steem. That said, transaction speed is fast and secure.

Gods Unchained is still in its early stages which means its a little bit buggy.


Gods Unchained is addictive and super exciting which beats many modern games and combined with the incentive to own this card forever, it makes the game all the more worth playing.


Unique game style and super interactive after-effects make the game worth playing, although somewhat buggy makes it a 4/5. Good job to the dev and I hope to see new contents added later on.

You can learn more about similar games from [stateofthedapps](https://www.stateofthedapps.com/rankings/category/games)


**Useful links**


* [Stateofthedapps](https://www.stateofthedapps.com/dapps/gods-unchained)

* [Godsunchained](https://godsunchained.com?beta-key=AEOOXXZlCv)

* [Twitter account](https://twitter.com/godsunchained)

* [Discord server](https://discordapp.com/invite/DKGr2pW).


If it asks for invite code, then use this link **https://godsunchained.com?beta-key=AEOOXXZlCv**

  • *Images used are screenshot from the game, Gods Unchained**

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