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One world, different community, and one pandemic.

While the world continues to battle/find a vaccine to a virus that threatens the very existence of humanity, different communities have been seen to come together to pull whatever resources they hold to make living as easy as possible.

A month back TokenPocket started a campaign to enlighten individuals on the importance of wearing a face mask, this was carried out mainly on social media where masses could be reached and while this campaign hopes to enlighten individuals of the importance of wearing a face mask, certain incentives were put alongside to provide a minimum of one face mask to every individual worldwide.

Before now, sending of money from one continent to another was somewhat tiring and most times impossible, well this was the case until cryptocurrency came into existence.

Cryptocurrency is a seamless way of transferring money from one individual to another at most times no charge or simply negligible.

TokenPocket uses this feature to transfer a minimum of 5usd to all individuals who followed the laydown rules and selection is done randomly and to further create a trust that these funds are actually been transferred, individuals can at any time check the blockchain which is none editable to confirm this.

This campaign was initiated by TokenPocket fund and open to donation hence the reason for a grant fund on Gitcoin.

What is Gitcoin?

Gitcoin is an open-source bounties platform on the Ethereum blockchain.

With the implementation of different features, Gitcoin now supports grant fund request where projects create request with the aim of getting help from the community

To access Gitcoin you need,

  • A web3 wallet
  • An Ethereum account.

All this can be achieved via TokenPocket or any other supported Web3 wallet.


TokenPocket is a multi-chain wallet that allows users to store different types of cryptocurrency while also acting as a Dapp browser to their respective blockchains

  • Create or import an Ethereum account via the different methods available
  • On your asset page, click on Discover
  • Click on search bar and type in to access Gitcoin
  • To help fund the TokenPocket campaign, you can easily copy this address to TokenPocket Dapp browser

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