Hi guys and welcome to another new day, while the crypto world still experiences uncertainty, let’s take a time out and utilize some of the events going on with TokenPocket wallet.

If you are not ware, TokenPocket clocked 2 years few days back and they have been hosting different types of events to celebrate this joyous occasion these past few days from winning IOST to free account resources on the EOS blockchain and to make it more interesting, TokenPocket is giving 20% discount to account creation on EOS, IOST, and BOS.

Meaning, you get 20% off from the initial payment cost on opening account on these blockchains.

The discount will continue for some weeks and will expire April, so if you ever wanted to create an EOS, IOST, or BOS account, this is probably the best time for it.

Let’s get started with steps on how to make use of this discount

TokenPocket is a multi-chain wallet that supports BTC, IOST, EOS, BOS, TRX and many others and while it gives access to create and import account on these blockchains, it also acts as a Dapp browser to access different types of dapps built on the supported blockchains

  • To create account via this process, you need a valid activation code which have not been used
  • Goto https://account.tokenpocket.pro/?locale=en#/eos to buy an activation code and just as we said, TokenPocket is currently hosting different events to mark its 2yrs anniversary and one of such event is 20% discount on account creation. To make it easy, you don’t need a promo code but rather, the discounted fee is already in place.
  • After successfully payment, activation code will be sent to the email address you filled earlier, open TokenPocket wallet to continue
  • Depending on the account you paid for, click on the blockchain from startup page and click create account with activation code
  • Type in a password of your choice, this will be needed when you try to make transactions via that account.
  • Type the activation code you earlier received in the required space
  • Hint is not compulsory and can be ignored if you choose to
  • Agree to terms and continue.

Save your keys in a secured place and if you followed the necessary steps then your account should be up and running.

To that I say congrats.

If you have issues or complaints while doing the above then leave a comment or join TokenPocket via the links below







I blog on hive and my account https://steemit.com/@otemzi

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Oteme Eghele

Oteme Eghele

I blog on hive and my account https://steemit.com/@otemzi

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