How to apply for BlockBase BBT airdrop via TokenPocket wallet

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One of the many features that TokenPocket provides is the easy access to airgrab tokens with just a click of a button rather than the initial process which involves you going to the platform webpage, register and perform other activities to prove you are a human and not a bot. I guess in way, TokenPocket already proves you are human xD.

Blockbase is a decentralized data storage and sharing platform built on the EOS chain.

What is BlockBase?

Platform for secure and distributed storage of databases.

Uses an economic model to bind service requesters and service providers Blockbase

They initiated an airgrab/airdrop feature months back where they plan to distribute their token BBT to valid and verified users on the chain with you paying nothing. Yes one of the benefit of the EOS chain, you literally pay nothing for gas when making/confirming transactions, something that is rather hard to see on chains these days.

After initiating the airdrop months back, they discovered several downside which made users to exploit the system for their own benefits. One of the downside of technology we have seen several times, no matter how secure, clean or simple you make a service, there are still many who stand out to exploit the system in ways that benefit them while damaging the system on a long run.

Putting that into consideration, they had to make several changes which they now hope will combat these exploiters or reduce it several times.

The major change as to do with users/account who can now apply for this airdrop and also a minimum requirement for accounts to have before they become verified to claim this airdrop.

Rule #1 — Each account needs to have at least 1 EOS unstaked or staked to CPU or NET at token distribution time.

Rule #2 — Each account needs to be at least one month old.

Read the full requirements Here

So that’s the basic info about the airdrop, and the main discussion starts now, which is How to apply/claim this airdrop

Steps to apply for BlockBase airdrop using TokenPocket wallet

  • Download TokenPocket wallet
  • Import an EOS account or create one using the different options available there
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  • Click on the Discover menu, a new page will come up showing different types of Dapps available for use
  • Scroll down and look for EOS airgrab

EOS airgrab is a feature provided by TokenPocket which gives you instant access to available/distributed airdrops on the EOS chain, you can easily apply for an airdrop via this menu or confirm if a platform has distributed their airdrop.

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  • Click on EOS airgrab
  • A new page will be open to you showing different types of airgrab currently available or already distributed
  • Click on AirGrab under the BlockBase (BBT) option
  • Confirm the transaction by putting your security info
  • It will take a little time to load
  • If all is successful, you should see 0.00 as your balance, don’t be on alert yet, it only shows you are registered.
  • To confirm if you are registered then goto BlockBase airdrop checker
  • Type in your EOS account name you applied with earlier and a confirmation message will come up showing if you are registered or not.

For better assurance of receiving this airdrop I will advice you stick with a single account and don’t spam, if you are found to go against this, it automatically delist you and ensures you are unable to apply for this airdrop anymore.

Read the new rules in case you earlier skipped it, failure to abide with the rule will automatically delist you from claiming this airdrop.

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