How to link your Tron Account to Knightstory Dapp via TokenPocket wallet

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Hi guys and welcome to another crypto week some few days back, Knightstory made an announcement that read it will be opening its TRX version of knightstory. This brought about different views, some good, and others not so good, but the major concern is if Knightstory will be able to keep up with updates concerning both servers.

Knightstory is an RPG game that runs on multiple Blockchains with Ethereum being the first after it launched a few months back, they saw a huge number of download and also good number of transactions which included the selling of in-game items and also exporting of game items to market like and what have you, even up till now, users still make purchases and it simply means the game is very much alive.

After operating on the Ethereum blockchain for a while, the dev saw it fit to introduce the Tron version, although this does not affect your game progress before now, all items, levels, and gears remain intact on your Ethereum server, the Tron version is just a reset version of how the Ethereum was when it all started.

That said, while the need to link your Tron account to the Knightstory game might not be a pressing issue but it is advisable you do and also there is a login bonus to win TRX coin if you successfully log into the game for the next 5 days consecutively.

How to link your Tron account to Knightstory via TokenPocket


  • Knightstory game installed on your device, IOS or Android
  • TokenPocket installed on your device, IOS or Android
  • Tron account created on TokenPocket.

TokenPocket is a multi-chain wallet that allows its users to easily store cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, TRX, EOS, IOST, and many others, while it acts as Dapp to store such crypto assets, users can also access different types of Dapps built on the supported blockchains, an example of such a Dapp is Knightstory


  • Download TokenPocket here
  • Launch TP and click on the Tron wallet to import or create one if you didn’t have any prior to now.
  • Backup your wallet and keep it in a safe place as this will allow you to restore your account if for any reason your mobile device was misplaced or formatted.


  • Download Knightstory here
  • Launch the app and click next or skip the cutscene
  • Log in via any of the different options available
  • Complete the not a bot challenge and if successful you are given access to the game but if not, then I advise you give the phone to your human
  • Get familiar with the game controls by interacting with the keys and menu shown to you.
  • Click on the menu icon from top left
  • Click on the link your Tron account
  • Select mobile wallet from the next option shown to you
  • Generate the link key from the next page, this key will last for 10 minutes, so it’s advisable you start and complete this task on time, copy the key
  • Open your TP wallet app
  • On your Tron asset page, click on Discover
  • Click on the search bar icon
  • Type in
  • Click on Start
  • For this tutorial, we are relating to the Tron blockchain, but the same procedure applies to the Ethereum network
  • Click on the Tron menu
  • Click on Tronlink option
  • A new menu comes up with a box to paste the code you earlier copied
  • Paste the code and verify
  • Allow the transaction to go through

If successful, your game tag will be shown to you alongside your Tron address linked to that account

That’s all for today, stay safe and see you guys some other time.

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