Hyper Finance on TokenPocket

Oteme Eghele
3 min readApr 14, 2021

Hi guys and welcome to another beautiful Monday morning, the hype surrounding the crypto space is not done yet and records of new high keep coming up, as more projects keep diverting into the BSC network, it seems BNB is gradually taking steps towards the price range of ETH and one can only wonder how this might fair in the long run.

BNB continue to record massive surge in DApps utilizing it network, some offering similar use case like previous projects and others bringing something new and fresh into the ecosystem, but what they all offer are opportunities to earn passively without pushing in much effort as you would do in a centralized financial institution.

Over the past couple of weeks we have recorded newer DApp and among this set is Hyper Finance, a decentralized aggregate mining platform that hopes to be different when compared with similar projects.

DeFi is probably the leading niche when it comes to decentralized applications building but in a circle surrounded with multiple types, some actually stand out from the rest and Hyper Finance hopes to be among or even greater than pre-existing projects.

Built on Binance smart chain, Hyper Finance selects the safest and most profitable mining projects for users.

What this means is that, in an ecosystem where they stand to be various projects with different APY, and promises of good return, there stand to also be scammy, deceit, low APY, and others. Hyper Finance scout through it all to bring the possible best with regards to both security wise and also high APY ensuring it stand out in terms of APY and security wise giving all users somewhat of a peace of mind if they do decide to invest in them be it temporary or permanent.

The goal is to have a continuous inflow of cash with minimal work load and this is where Hyper Finance come in.

Hyper Finance is built on binance smart chain and to that it requires a web3 based wallet in other for users to gain access to its platform and this is where TokenPocket comes in

TokenPocket is a noncustodial wallet that allows users to easily manage their crypto assets and also a DApp browser to access multiple DApps across different blockchains

TokenPocket is available for both Android and IOS device and users can easily get started by downloading TokenPocket on their supported device by visit their mobile market page (Appstore or Google playstore).

With support to BSC network, users can easily setup a binance smart chain account via the different options available, by importing an existing account or better still create a new one, whatever be the case.

From the asset page, click on discover to bring up the DApp section and Hyper Finance is broadly written in the notification section of the DApp menu at the moment of writing this article but if for any reason the position changes later on, you can easily search the name via the search box or scroll to the BSC section

Hyper Finance presently offers different vault option which includes but not limited to BNB, BUSD-TPT, CAKE, HYFI, and many others.

Users can stake any of the listed pair to mine HYFI, Hyper Finance native token at a mouth watering APY.

Until some other time, stay safe and enjoy your week