IOST 1 of 9 NFT’s distribution begins, steps to check your IOST account via TokenPocket

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Hi guys and welcome to another beautiful day in the crypto space, some few months back we saw IOST announced the introduction of NFT into their Blockchain and soon later they hosted their very first event were a total of 1000 limited edition NFT will be minted in addition with a year long event to distribute a total of 9 different types of NFT’s.

The first event 1 of 9 was held and lasted for several days and 1000 of it was minted to be distributed to all users who participated.

Since the total numbers of IOST accounts currently in existence far exceeds the 1000 mark, selection was made randomly and preference was mainly first come first serve.

Distribution for the 1 of 9 year long NFT’s started July 2020.

Users who participated and filled the form with their IOST mainnet account can simply check their IOST account for this goodie and to easily confirm this, you might need IOST supported wallet and TokenPocket does exactly this.

TokenPocket is a multi-chain cryptocurrency wallet that allows users to easily manage their crypto assets and also acts as a DApp browser.

To download, you can easily search on TokenPocket via PlayStore or access TokenPocket page here Wallet supports IOS, Android, and PC.

Steps to check if you received the IOST NFT

  • Import your IOST account to TokenPocket, the account you filled earlier while the event was ongoing
  • From your IOST asset page, click on NFT as shown in the screenshot below
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  • A new page comes up showing a list of NFTs currently available on IOST and also a number if you have any
  • If you took part with the 1 of 9 event and received the NFT, you should see a number 1 attached to the badge section

If you received this, you can take part in subsequent IOST NFT drop as a total of 9 different types NFT’s will be distributed.

This is it for today, catch you guys some other time and till then stay safe and mask-on.

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