Julswap on TokenPocket

Oteme Eghele
3 min readJan 2, 2021


Hi guys and welcome to 2021, it is the beginning of another 365 days of opportunities and testimonies.

The previous year ended with multiple airdrops and most were carried out by dexes for simply making one or two trading

Giving back incentives to DEX users is gradually becoming a norm in our everyday lifestyle as we browse through different dexes to perform arbitrage trading, or maybe buy the next gem but all the same, Dex are seeing it fit to reward their loyal customers who made single or overtime transactions.

Julswap did the above recently and the token JULD was issued out to all valid participants.

Julswap is built on Binance smart chain which offers multiple trading options and liquidity provision.

While the token can be found on Ethereum called JUL, the same can be said on JULb the Binance smart chain option, you can refer to it as a project running on multiple blockchains.

Built on Binance smart chain, Julswap offers an easy to use and self-explanatory platform with users not having to constantly seek help on how to go about from others, it is more like plug and play or better still locate your asset and swap to the coin/token of your choosing.

At the moment, Julswap offers numerous trading pairs with most paired to BNB, any user can easily provide liquidity to any token of their choice, this option helps users to swap while also gifting LP(liquidity providers) a certain trading amount fee from every swap carried out.

Getting Started

Julswap is built using blockchain technology and thus it requires a web3 wallet capable of accessing these platforms.

TokenPocket falls under this category and users of TokenPocket app can easily access Julswap and any other DApp on the go.

TokenPocket is a noncustodial multichain wallet that allows users to easily create, import, manage their assets portfolio, and also access various types of DApp. You can download TokenPocket from this page and yes it is IOS and Android OS supported

Download and create a Binance smart chain wallet, but if you had any prior to now, the option to import via private key or mnemonic phrase word is available

From the asset page, click on the discover menu and type in https://julswap.com on the top search icon

Search on the provided link and allow the page to fully load.

Julswap becomes available to you and your account is automatically logged in

The option to swap and provide liquidity to the Julswap pool is readily available.

That ends today topic on DeFi and until some other time, stay safe.