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Hi guys and welcome to another lovely day, few mins to 4 and I must say I am hyped with the recent activities taking place surrounding the entire crypto space.

New ATH is literally becoming every day’s discussion as projects continue to skyrocket in price achieving new heights never before seen, truly this is the year of bulls.

If you are familiar with the JULb platform which heard an airdrop last year after coming into the Binance smart chain sphere, it seems their ongoing project has really yielded quite the result.

A month back, we saw the introduction of Juld which was airdropped to all JULb holders and also liquidity providers, the latter effect was a little bit bad with JULb dropping to a price of $30 days after the event ended and while many hurriedly left the platform, pulling out their liquidity as well, JULb never rested and have continuously been on the developing side to release their mind-blowing and improved platform.

JulSwap is a dex, staking, and pool creation platform built on the Binance smart chain that gives users an easy way to exchange BSC token to another or better still create an order book via the Dex option, and all this is carried out via a decentralized frame.

The majority of available platforms comes with a swap option which allows users to exchange one token for another without having a say in price, price is predetermined and you simply swap your desired token or not, JulSwap dex option improved on this and added an order book which gives users means to create their buy/sell order and if others consider this somewhat difficult to achieve or maybe time exhausting, the swap option is always available 24/7 with a click of a button.

Combined with swapping and dex, JulSwap users also have the option to provide liquidity on different pairs and the present incentive is really mouth-watering, probably one of the reasons for the sudden spike in price or maybe just users getting to know the wonderful opportunities available on JulSwap. Well whichever is the case, users just can’t get enough of it.

Getting Started

JulSwap requires a web3 supported wallet that allows users to easily access the Binance smart chain DApps and TokenPocket do exactly this.

TokenPocket is a multi-chain noncustodial wallet that allows users to easily manage their crypto assets and also houses a DApp browser to explore more than 1k different DApps directly from your mobile device be it IOS, or Android.

As a new user, you need to download TokenPocket from PlayStore, or Appstore, depending on your mobile device specification.

Launch TokenPocket from your app menu and select account creation, the option to create an account on another blockchain is readily available but today we are going to focus on BSC, click on BSC and select import account or create a new one depending on your preferences, follow the onscreen message to get your account activated.

Click on the discover menu to bring the list of available DApps available on TokenPocket, search on JulSwap or paste julswap.com via the search option to bring up the JulSwap DApp, allow the page to load for a while and speed is dependent on your internet connection which might take seconds to a min.

The page is easily accessible and you should follow the onscreen instructions to familiarize yourself with the various features.

With that, I say good morning and enjoy the rest of your day 😉

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