Just.Game available on TokenPocket and how to get started

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One can only become truly rich when their money starts working for them, all day and every day with them putting in little or no effort.

The future they say holds this and much more, little or no clear explanation can be given, after all, how can you explain something that is yet to happen? But then the question rises up again, asking when is the future? I say the future is now with Just.Game.

From the developers of FOMO3D comes Just.Game, a game that has never before seen in the cryptosphere that promises riches beyond one’s imagination while using advance A.I to make this possible.

A.I is the future and Just.Game is bringing this closer to reality with the help of blockchain technology and smart contracts to execute different types of tasks. This team has already won the heart of several blockchain enthusiasts, cryptocurrencies holders, and it is currently ranked №4 in Dapp.com within a week of just been released to the public.

Yes, I know you are already asking, and wondering to yourself just what is Just.Game?

Following in the footsteps of Fomo3D, Just.game is Team JUST’s latest brainchild. A showcase of how blockchain technology can be used to create an autonomous company that constantly generates revenue and distributes it to anyone crazy enough to play with it. Dapp.com

Crazy enough to play it lol, true, everyone is skeptical at first about any new technology and with a system that promises to generate revenue to its users with just a click of a button sounds a little too good to be true, but what is the fun to life if not for the adventure?

Just.Game is currently available on different types of Dapps, but today will shall be focusing on TokenPocket, a multichain wallet and a gateway to different types of Dapps which includes Just.Game and many others.

Requirements to play Just.Game

  • TokenPocket
  • Tron wallet (can be created/imported on TokenPocket)
  • TRX
  • Crazy enough to play it xD.

Steps to get Started

  • Download TokenPocket App
  • Install the wallet on your device, TokenPocket is available on PC, Andriod, and IOS respectively. Download from the link above on visit play store or app store.
  • Create a Tron wallet or import one if you had before now
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  • Fund the Tron wallet with any amount but 30 TRX and above if you do decide to join. I am going to share a YouTube video link I found to be somewhat self-explanatory at the end of this article.
  • Click on Discover
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  • Scroll down from the new page
  • Click on New, this list shows the latest Dapps added to TokenPocket wallet, you can play with this some other time, say when you are less busy and ready to get acquainted with the new Dapps currently available in the cryptosphere
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  • Click on JustGame to access the Dapp
  • Give it few seconds to load and watch the menu come to live
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The game comes with multiple features to earn but the major aspects of the game as to do with box purchase, time counter, auto-reinvest, and referrals, yea you read it right, Referrals

A box costs 25 TRX and it automatically registers you to the reward pool, meaning at the end of every counter, a certain percentage of the reward pool is allocated to you.

This mostly depends on you buying more boxes to earn more or settling for less in the long term. The feature to sell your box is also available, this gives you 2x the TRX you probably accumulated over time while keeping the box.

Due to the reward pool and the percentage you are likely to get, selling boxes might not be the best idea (my 1 cent opinion)

The referral option allows users to create a custom referral that can be shared with friends, loved ones, and even families if they dare to play xD.

For a more understanding about the game mechanics, you can watch the below YouTube video


by King Of Fomo


This is not financial advice, nor a guarantee or promise in regards to any result that may be obtained from using the above content. The information provided here is for informational and entertainment purposes only.

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