MDEX on TokenPocket and giveaway attached

Oteme Eghele
3 min readApr 13, 2021


The weekend is upon us once again and the crypto market continues to stay bullish, many already tagged the month April as a bullish April with the possibility of new and old coins achieving new highs and while trading continues to be productive, it’s always a good idea to have another source or say a passive source of income that does not require extensive hours of thinking.

This is were MDEX comes into play

What is MDEX?

MDEX is a decentralized transaction protocol based on an automated market-making mechanism. It aims to integrate the distinct advantages of a variety of basic public chains to create a high-performance compound DEX ecosystem. Using the “dual mining incentives through liquid mining and transaction mining”, it maximizes the returns for participants. The transaction fee charged is utilized to repurchase and burn the platform token, which contributes to materializing a self-driving closed loop for value capture.

Many are probably not new to the whole idea of decentralized exchange, afterall, the likes of Uniswap, BakerySwap, Xswap, PancakeSwap, LavaSwap, and many others already showed us that DEX works and it prevents the waiting and documents uploading in order to get a verified account unlike centralized exchange.

MDEX performs similar to the named DEX listed above put with some pecks not yet available in some dex and that is double farming.

So, Dex operates basically when a liquidity is provided against a trade pairs, this can be BNB/BUSD, ETH/USDT or any other pair of your choice, the incentive of providing liquidity usually involves yield farming, individuals who provides liquidity gets paid in doing so but MDEX also supports transaction mining, in short you get rewarded twice for the price of one.

To foster growth and bring about price increment in token, they plan on buying back the native token mdx back and burn making it deflationary.

When projects launch or probably offer support for another chain, they tend to create some sort of publicity that is sure to give individuals a welcome package and also incentives them to check the mentioned product and for our case we are referring to MDEX.

In collaboration with TokenPocket, MDEX is hosting a liquidity farming campaign that will reward users who partake in this task, the rules regards to this will be shared below.

What is TokenPocket?

TokenPocket is a noncustodial wallet that allows users to easily manage their crypto assets and also a DApp browser to access multiple DApps and all is done directly from your mobile device.

TokenPocket is available on IOS and Android devices and users can easily download any via their preferred market place or from TokenPocket homepage here

MDEX is already available on TokenPocket and users can easily access and interact with this platform via the discover menu.

To end today’s writeup, as promise this is a direct link that explains the Airdrop campaign from MDEX and collaboration with TokenPocket

I wish you the best of luck if you do decide to participate and until some other time, stay safe.