OkexChain on TokenPocket

It hasn’t been that long since the request of adding more blockchains wallet to TokenPocket was made, several comments were made about increasing the amount of portfolio one can successfully manage which is not just limited to BTC, ETH, IOST, and others and it seems the plea was heard and over the past couple of weeks TokenPocket has successfully added not just one but multiple chains which include but not limited to Polkadot, Huobi, and the latest addition Okex, the list never seems to end and I am anxious to see what chain wallet will be added next.

The blockchain space is rather fairly new and I suspect more and better platform will be created over the years, ones that offer faster transaction time, lesser transaction fee, easy to use, and probably newer features never before seen, thinking about it all just gives me goosebumps, haha, well that’s just me so let’s focus a little bit on today’s writeup.

OkexChain on TokenPocket, Okex as many know is actually an exchange that offers high daily trading activities and one can even compare them to the likes of Binance with respect to trading activities on daily basis.

A few months back we saw Binance smart chain come live with the sole aim of creating an alternate platform to the Ethereum network that offers lesser transaction fee but at the same time bare the same public and private address of the Ethereum network, it has done well over the past couple of months and even up till now more DApps are currently migrating to BSC or creating an alternate route to send out their tokens via the BSC network, these have helped to boost the price of Binance native token called BNB to a new ATH and it seems new price discovery is just getting started.

In crypto space, past experiences are known to happen a lot and hence the reasons for chart reading, analysis, and others, one can link the successful outcome of Binance smart chain to OkexChain and if the devs behind this new platform take the initiative to not just market themselves but also create a working product, the price movement of not just Okex native token will go up but also daily usage of the Okex exchange will be affected as well.

OkexChain is available on TokenPocket and users can easily get started with it today, if for any reason you already have an account prior to now, the option to import is available but if not then creating a new account is highly welcome and needed.

Getting started, one needs to download TokenPocket wallet if they are yet to, and it can be downloaded directly from playstore or appstore or simply navigate to their homepage on https://www.tokenpocket.pro/

For those not familiar with what TokenPocket is all about, it is a multi-chain wallet that allows users to easily manage their crypto assets directly from their mobile device any and everywhere at their comfort.

From your mobile menu, simply launch the downloaded TokenPocket app and locate the OkexChain

Your app should be running the latest version, so if you had TokenPocket prior to now, please ensure you update to the latest version.

Click on create an account and select OkexChain, account creation is easy as ABC, and anyone can do this.

While creating your new OkexChain account, ensure to properly backup your mnemonic phrase word and private key as this gives you access to your wallet anytime or if for any reason your mobile device was formatted or TokenPocket wallet deleted.

If you successfully created an account, congrats to you and you are currently among the early set of users to have OkexChain account running.

Not much DApp is currently running on the OkexChain but as the says go, Rome wasn’t built in the day, so, as we expect more DApps to be integrated into the OkexChain, one can easily explore and play around with the existing ones by click on discover menu from your OkexChain asset page.

Until some other time, do have fun and stay safe.

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