Hi guys and welcome to another lovely day, the sky is looking sunny and the weather is just about right, the past few hours have been somewhat fun around the crypto space as we observed doge climbed to a new weekly high after a tweet from Elyon came live with just doge and I must say the impact was far more than anything people thought, from a low of 0.027 we saw doge climbed to a high of 0.061 and while it was fun to ride, the reverse is usually scary so always trade with caution.

That said, Crypto trading is all fun and also lucrative but 50% of the time it is risky with not knowing what would happen and also the volatility state doesn’t help in whatever way.

With the end goal of making money while utilizing whatever technology comes alongside it, users tend to look for less risky means to boost their invested capital 2x or even more and this is where OkexFarm comes into play.

OkexChain is fairly new and yet to fully accommodate many DApps but the existing ones can be a reference to be competitive with other DApp products.

OkexFarm is a DeFi base product with features that allow users to easily stake their OkexChain tokens and also take part in the incentive rewards.

With a current APY of more than 100%, OkexFarm is definitely looking great when it comes to investment options.

Users can easily participate by providing liquidity to the paired tokens available on OkexFarm, LP includes but not limited to OKB/USDT, OKB/OKT, and many others.

Getting started with OkexFarm is quite easy and users can easily set up their account by downloading and install TokenPocket wallet, create or import an OkexChain account to TokenPocket then click on the discover menu to bring up the various types of DApps available on TokenPocket.

OkexFarm is simply one of many DApps users can easily access from their mobile device and we all hope with time, several new and better DApps will be developed on the OkexChain which is not just incentive-based but also educational and entertaining.

This is all for today and until some other time, stay safe.

I blog on hive and my account https://steemit.com/@otemzi