Pippi Shrimp Swap on TokenPocket

Oteme Eghele
2 min readApr 13, 2021

Hi guys and welcome to another lovely day, it’s the month of April and the entire market is looking quite bullish with so many ongoing event taking place and one of such is the introduction of Pippi Shrimp Swap.

DEX is gradually becoming a norm in our every day life as it relates to blockchain and crypto but seeing new DEX come up in a not too popular blockchain is really great.

Heco chain is rather quite new, although not as popular as eth or bsc, they tend to offer a far cheaper fee when it comes to transaction process and also speed, it only takes most times a sec for transaction to reflect at some other end and the fee paid are not usually up to $0.01 to show how low it currently is.

Well, the blockchain is quite new and not much activity is seen on it, who knows if this is subject to change when the traffic start coming in but until then, I see it as a good development.

Pippi Shrimp Swap is built on Heco chain and it offers a wide range of Heco based tokens individuals can easily swap across, from the likes of its based token called pipi to others like MDX , ONE, TPT, and many others.

The list goes on and individuals can easily provide liquidity for their desired token in an easy and user friendly manner directly via the Pippi Shrimp Swap menu.

To access Pippi Shrimp Swap, users need to have access a web3 supported wallet and TokenPocket does exactly this

TokenPocket is a noncustodial wallet that allows users to easily manage their crypto assets, and also a DApp browser to access multiple DApps directly from your mobile device.

Of recent, HECO chain became supported alongside many other chains and individuals can easily access DApps built on Heco via TokenPocket.

The only requirement is to create an Heco chain account which is totally free, send in HT token which is needed to pay gas fee when the need arise and also hold the Heco based token you probably want to swap.

From Asset page, click on discover menu and navigate to Heco page, click on Pippi Shrimp Swap and follow the onscreen instructions

Swapping is quite easy and does not require a rocket science approach to get started with it.

Liquidity provision is available and also users can take part in farming of Pipi token the native based token of Pippi Shrimp Swap.

Well, this is all for today and until some other time, stay safe.