Polkadot on TokenPocket

Oteme Eghele
3 min readJan 8, 2021

Hi guys and welcome to another lovely day, the sky as usual is looking great and the weather not too shabby, the past couple of days has been somewhat favorable to all crypto holders, meaning if you bought BTC or any other coin couple of months back you would be in profit right now.

There is this saying about coming for the money but staying for the community, or more like in for the technology and my question is how familiar are you with the technology?

Crypto wallet made this somewhat easy and individuals don’t need to stress themselves or involve themselves in long hours of calculations to arrive at their desired goal, majority of this feature is now all done directly from your mobile device and you only need to unlock your phone and boom the whole world is within reach.

Dot, like many other coins, also saw a massive increase in its market price, from a low of $4+ to a high of $10 and still climbing, one has to wonder just how far can this coin reach?

The price is all great and while our portfolio steadily increases on daily basis, it is fun to find more ways to improve on it which many might tag as less risky, this goes from staking onchain to DeFi and TokenPocket is exactly the requirement for this.

TokenPocket is a multichain wallet that allows users to easily store and manage their Dot assets, alongside other coins. It also provides easy access to DApp built on the Polkadot ecosystem with just a click of a button and the best part, this is all achieved directly from your mobile device both Android and IOS supported.

You can download TokenPocket on Appstore or Playstore depending on your device preference or download directly from TokenPocket homepage here https://www.tokenpocket.pro/en/

Getting Started on Polkadot chain is quite easy and also user friendly, from downloading of TokenPocket to installation is self-explaining, after downloading TokenPocket simply launch from your mobile menu.

Polkadot is rather fairly new and not many wallet support it yet, account creation is both free and easy but if you had an account prior to now, the option to import is also available and users can easily import their account with the use of a private key or mnemonic 12 phrase word.

From the account creation option, click on Polkadot and follow the onscreen instructions.

Polkadot supports on-chain staking which in turn accumulates reward overtime and while new DApp becomes available, users can as well explore the ones already available on TokenPocket and this can be done by navigating to the discover menu and locate the Polkadot assigned DApp.

Not many DApps are available but if a new one gets listed, users will be easily informed by simply checking on the Polkadot option on a regular basis.

That said, I look forward to trying more DApps on the Polkadot system, and definitely worth seeing the future developments.