Stake TPT to mine FNX

Oteme Eghele
2 min readApr 12, 2021

Hi guys and welcome to another lovely day and also another lovely month, the month of April began few hours back and Q2 of 2021 is already ongoing, with so much planned event to come, let’s quickly look at some ongoing event and also how to get started if you are yet to.

FinNexus is a cross chain DeFi protocol that allows users to easily swap across chains in a user friendly DApp

Built on Ethereum network, FinNexus has overtime ported from simply accepting and trading of Eth based tokens to a bigger ecosystem which now hovers around ETH, HECO, and BSC network, in short, a wider range of support has been initiated and already in play.

The last chain added at the moment of writing this article is BSC and a way to support or rather create awareness of this new change is by bringing staking feature that allows BSC based project to mine a limited amount of FIN token and also a limited amount of time was put in place, this in short creates the talk and also reward individuals who stake in any of the desired pool.

This was set up few days back and the first batch of BSC project has been put in play, holders of such token can mine FNX at the moment of writing this article

This event will go on for a while, and then it will be replaced by some other bsc tokens, a total amount of FNX is already set in place throughout this event to ensure a wide range of bsc project is supported and who knows what the future implications of this event will unfold.

To get started, you need a bsc web3 wallet capable of accessing the FinNexus platform and this is where TokenPocket wallet comes into play

TokenPocket is a noncustodial wallet that allows users to easily manage their crypto assets and also a DApp browser to access multiple DApps with support to BSC

Getting started on FinNexus, one need to create or import a BSC account to TokenPocket, click on the discover menu to navigate to the DApp menu and from the search menu, type in

Click on the launch icon menu to bring up the DeFi page and select BSC from the list of supported network

You account should be automatically logged in but if not, simply click on connect and your BSC address should come up

Click on Co-Farm to bring up the ongoing staking event

Scroll down until TokenPocket stake feature comes within click

Click on it and allocate any amount of TPT token you see fit

Mine is done automatically and rewards accumulate overtime while the event stays active

To that, I say good luck and once again welcome to the month of April.

Event closed