Steps to backup and recover your private key

Hi guys so it’s Friday once again and let’s kickstart the day with a little tutorial on how to backup your private key and also reset your password using your private key via TokenPocket wallet.

TokenPocket wallet is a multi-chain wallet that allows users to easily manage their crypto assets and managing this entails sending out coin/token, signing a transaction, receiving coin/token, holding, or simply interacting with DApps.

The use case is much and this is all controlled with a private key.

The private key is a randomly generated keys that gives you complete control over a blockchain wallet, it is generated whenever you create a decentralized blockchain wallet, and it is different from what or most of us are probably refined to called mnemonic 12 phrase word.

As a starter, when creating a wallet there is always a warning to users to back-up their private key in a secured and safe location, and under no circumstances must it be given to any user claiming to be an admin or not. Admins will never ask of it or need it and anyone who does that is most likely trying to scam and cheat you.

The first tutorial is how to back-up a private key.

Private key backup

So, I installed TokenPocket and probably forgot to copy my private key to a secured location or maybe had issues with my phone and misplaced the private key but still I have all access to my TokenPocket wallet and by access, this means the password is still working and no wallet was deleted or removed.

  • Click on details from your asset page, this is the menu where all coins and tokens currently in your possession are displayed to you
  • it comes up with a new menu that allows you to backup your private key, edits permission, modifies the password, and even reset a password which will be discussed below

To get your private key back-up, click on the option above that says Export private key, type in your password, and your wallet private key is shown to you.

Copy to a safe location, be it offline or online, and take note of each alphabet to avoid incorrect private key.

With this backed-up, you can easily restore your wallet anytime and anywhere and gain all access to your assets once again.

Modify password

This is usually needed when you think your password is compromised, maybe you typed it in a public place, expose to other users you don’t want knowing it and just feel like changing it to a more secured one

Click on details

Click on Modify Password

Type in your existing password and your new desired password, confirm the password is correct, and click confirm.

Reset password

This is probably one of the trending issues I have come to meet recently, it seems the majority of new users coming into the blockchain space are not too cautious when it comes to creating an account and often time misplaced or forget the password they used when creating the wallet account.

Passwords generally are used to complete transactions and a secondary requirement to confirm if truly you are the owner of such wallet, the option to use a sensor like a fingerprint is also available but the password is needed when it comes to viewing your private key or change the default password to another.

Just like I mentioned above, in a bid to ensure our password is safe and secured, we end up using keys we might not be familiar with and later find ourselves in a situation unable to remember this password.

The option to reset password solves this

To do this, the user must have his/her private key on him already, simply click on reset password

Paste your private key

Type in a new password

Confirm the password is the same and click confirm.

With the above all said and done, a strong reset might be needed some time and this is usually a complete deletion of TokenPocket cache file to reset the app to its default state.

Here, user need to have their private key properly backed up and after deleting/installing TokenPocket wallet app, simply click on import account and select the private key option

Type in/paste your private key then confirm with a password and you have your account back.

That is all for today until some other time stay safe.

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