Steps to claim OKS airdrop and add to your TokenPocket wallet

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Hi guys and welcome to another beautiful day in Crypto sphere, so 2 days back I made a tutorial on how users can swap their OKS token for TRX or any other supported token of their choice but it soon dawned on me that I was yet to make a tutorial on how users can claim this airdrop.

Oikos airdropped a total of 1mil OKS to all valid users who took part in their airdrop event and like most airdrops I have filled, this too was also fun and interesting.

Most airdrops are automatically sent to all registered users upon completion, but Oikos did something a little different.

Probably to ensure a fair system and also remove all spammy and malicious accounts, they added a new feature that requires users to login and verify themselves before gaining access to OKS token.


In other to claim this airdrop you must have participated by completing the required form while the airdrop event was available

  • The Tron address you earlier filled when completing the OKS airdrop, this can be copied from your TokenPocket wallet for those who followed my steps then
  • A Twitter account


  • Click on claim token and sign in with your Twitter account
  • Verify your account
  • A new tab comes up with a blank space to fill your Tron address
  • As I earlier said, you must have completed the airdrop form during the event to become a valid participant.
  • Type in the Tron address you made use of during the airdrop event
  • A new page comes up with your balance, due to high number of users who took part in this event, the OKS distributed might be considered low

If successful, follow the next step to add OKS to your TokenPocket asset

Steps to add OKS to your Tron TokenPocket wallet

  • From your Tron wallet page, click on the icon shown below
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  • A list of different types of token currently available on the Tron network is shown to you
  • Click on the search bar and type in OKS
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  • Click the add icon until it looks like the above and you navigate back to your Tron asset page.

If you successfully claimed the OKS airdrop earlier, the corresponding amount of OKS will be displayed to you here.

For tutorial on how to trade your OKS token for TRX on any other supported token, watch the below video

Until some other time, stay safe and mask-on.

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