Steps to claim your lucky draw from Newdex via TokenPocket wallet

Hi guys and welcome to another day in the crypto sphere, today we will be looking into the ongoing event hosted by Newdex.

Newdex is hosting a global influencer event to usher in a new set of Newdex ambassadors who will create a wide-scale awareness of Newdex and also about why decentralization.

Cryptocurrency, as we are familiar with can be identified with a single name called decentralization, as opposed to the paper money called fiat which is usually governed by a nation’s power, Crypto does not obey this and instead it stands on its own simply backed by humanity needs to have it and also algorithms which ensure this system can not be cheated.

Over the years we have seen the development of newer crypto that offers better handling of transactions such as faster transaction time, more transactions per second, lower transaction cost, and more.

All this won’t be of any help if a medium to exchange this crypto for another was not available and this is where Newdex comes into play.

Newdex is a decentralized exchange built on the EOS network that provides a medium for EOS account holders to exchange EOS based tokens for another.

Newdex currently ranks as a top exchange among many others and also no.1 Dex exchange regards to the EOS blockchain.

In order to reach a wider audience, Newdex is hosting a global influencer event and while this takes place, different platforms will help in creating awareness of this.

The event will hold from 13th of June till later date and different types of prices will be won

TokenPocket is a multi-chain wallet that allows users to easily save and manage their crypto assets and it also acts as a DApp browser to many platform inclusion to Newdex

They recently made a tweet about the Newdex event and also different prizes to be won

The Newdex influencer global recruitment is open! To celebrate it, 10,000 #NDX *3 lucky users on June 15th. #Giveaway #Blockchain

While the Twitter event continues, let’s quickly talk about the lucky draw and how to join.

The event is available to all EOS account holders from June 13th to June 17th and various types of prizes will be won during this event.

Steps to take part

Unlike previous lucky draw hosted by Newdex, this event is a little bit different as time is allocated to having a valid entry, so do well to memories these times in order to get a valid entry.

This is it for today until some other time stay safe and mask-on

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