Steps to create a free IOST account via Sonata and import to TokenPocket wallet

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Hi guys and welcome to another day inside the crypto sphere and today we will be talking about steps to open a free IOST account without the need for external help or an activation code.

Built on Prove of Believability(POB), IOST is a decentralized blockchain that offers ultra-fast transactions, a decentralized network that can be compared to pre-existing chains and also staking which gives IOST holders ways to make passive income daily, weekly, and monthly.

Like EOS and BOS blockchain, creating an IOST account is not free as it requires resources to operate perfectly, resources needed can be paid via third parties platform or by a friend, this is achieved using different account creation service.

While many won’t consider the fee needed to create IOST account worth mentioning, the same can’t be said for others. From surveys carried out before now, Crypto/Blockchain users prefer creating accounts for free and the idea of paying is somewhat strange.

Introducing Sonata

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Sonata is a free to use service that allows users to create IOST account for free with the only requirement being your phone number. Sonata takes the cost incurred when paying for the accounts and no user data is stored during the process.

Steps to create an IOST account via Sonata


  • Phone number


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  • Type in an active phone number with country code that allows you to receive SMS

Congrats you have successfully created an IOST account, but this is of no use if you can not access/manage that account and as such, a wallet is needed.

TokenPocket is a multi-chain wallet that allows users to store and access IOST related services such as voting, send and deposit IOST, access IOST DApps, and many others.

TokenPocket is available for IOS and Android devices respectively and can be downloaded from Appstore or PlayStore depending on your mobile device or from TokenPocket webpage here

Steps to import your IOST account to TokenPocket

  • Launch TokenPocket app from your mobile menu
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  • Click on import account with a private key
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With that, I say kudos and congratulations

Follow TokenPocket social media accounts and stay updated

Until some other time stay safe and mask-on

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