Steps to create multiple wallet on TokenPocket

Oteme Eghele
2 min readJul 11, 2020


TokenPocket is a multi-chain wallet which simply means users can create multiple accounts on the go and also hold/manage their Crypto assets whichever way they see fit.

That said, some users find this difficult to use and if you are part of this group, let’s quickly run a breakdown for you and ways to create more than one crypto wallet on TokenPocket be it on the same crypto or others.

After importing or probably create a new account via TokenPocket, your homepage should have a similar screenshot like the above or probably something different with the icon pointing to BTC, EOS, or what have you.

Click on the icon and a new menu comes up displaying the various wallet supported on TokenPocket just like the screenshot below

The menu from left shows the different types of Blockchain wallet users can create on TokenPocket, some are free and others require you to pay a little fee.

Click your preference wallet and click the plus-like icon as shown in the screenshot below

A new menu comes up with the option to import an account or simply create a new one, depending on your preference, you can either click to import or simply create.

Follow the next page to import/create your account.

TokenPocket is available on IOS, PC, and Android devices and you can easily download the latest version here

If you have any question relating to this simply leave a comment below and a reply will be given to you ASAP or simply follow the various channels listed below to ask your question or find out more about TokenPocket